Presenting the “Innovation, Sustainability and the Future of Healthcare” report

New research by the Center for the Governance of Change (CGC) at IE University, in conjunction with global healthcare leader Eli Lilly & Co. shows how the integration of AI technologies in the field of healthcare present a set of unique challenges which require international and intersectoral collaboration to be overcome.

Innovation, Sustainability and the Future of Healthcare” examines the adoption and implementation of new AI technologies in healthcare systems across Europe, the challenges, opportunities and potential solutions. The findings of this report are particularly poignant in the context of COVID-19, which has exposed weaknesses in national healthcare systems across the world and highlighted the importance of a technologically robust and sustainable healthcare system.

The research was led by Dr Mireia Crispin and Dr. Marcos Gallego, based on a series of studies made by a European team of interdisciplinary experts.

The report, research papers and case studies can be downloaded here.