“Good things come when you leave your comfort zone.”

Constance, France

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Constance Loyer

About me

I’ve lived in Paris all my life and wanted to study my undergraduate degree outside of France. I made the decision to come to Spain and join IE University because I studied Spanish in high school for seven years. I’ve really enjoyed my time here, both in Segovia and in Madrid. I’m extremely passionate about fashion and hope to work at Louis Vuitton some day.

Constance Loyer, France


University student

Good things come when you leave your comfort zone

Moving to Segovia to study at IE University was Constance’s first long-term experience of living away from home. The experience was made easier by studying at the Segovia campus, which allowed her to make a lot of friends and continue to play golf, a sport she has played since her childhood. Later on in her second year, she was able to join a golf club that organizes tournaments every month.

After her second year, Constance moved to Madrid where she continued to forge new connections and develop her skills. Her interest in law—competition law in particular—led her to join the IE Law Club where she attended interviews and debates involving influential lawyers.

Studying at IE University initially forced Constance to move out of her comfort zone, but encountering the diversity of the university’s student body and being in contact with different cultures has allowed Constance to expand her mind set and discover aspects of her personality that she didn’t know existed. She believes good things come when you leave your comfort zone.

Constance has always been passionate about fashion. Out of a desire to reduce the impact of fast fashion on the environment, she created her own business during the quarantine where she gives clothes a second life through embroidery. Using the management skills she’s acquired during her studies, she creates fashionable clothes that are environmentally friendly and profitable. Since beginning the business, Constance has reached over 30 orders.

Constance is planning to secure an internship during the second semester of this year and is hoping to work at the LVMH group. She would like to work in marketing or merchandising in the luxury fashion industry after studying a master in luxury management at Dauphine University in Paris.