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About me

My name is Alejandro Gutierrez and I’m currently in my first year at IE University, in the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence. I was born in Spain and have lived in Madrid my whole life, but I’m Spanish-Colombian because my mother is Colombian. When I’m not diving into coding and AI, you can find me sitting in one of Madrid’s parks and immersing myself in a good book.

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Alejandro Gutierrez | IE University

"So far, my experience with IE University has been great. I really liked the Segovia campus and appreciate the beauty in the reformed cathedral. My subjects have been really interesting and are being really good ground level for when we move on with the more technical aspects of the field."

Alejandro Gutierrez

From a very young age, Alejandro was fascinated by computers. Their development from relatively simple, binary command processors to devices that could rival human intelligence in complexity and assist surgeons in the operating room enthralled him. So it’s hardly surprising that he’s continued to follow his passion in his choice of study, hoping as he does to forge a career in the computing field, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence.

He was attracted to the Bachelor in Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence because it holds AI and business at its core. This key focus on his favorite element of the field is something he compares very favorably with other universities’ program contents, as it gives him the best chance to carve out his own path in his chosen career.

The Madrid campus was another important factor for him. He’s relieved to be so close to home during the current COVID-19 pandemic, describing the prospect of being far away from his family had he chosen to study elsewhere as “horrible.”

But the pandemic hasn’t stopped Alejandro from enjoying both online and in-person classes, thanks to the careful safety protocols in place. He’s found the first stages of his studies extremely interesting, and an excellent basis to move on to more technical matters later. The majority of his classes have been on campus so far, and he’s been very satisfied with his IE University experience to date. He particularly appreciates the beauty of the reformed cathedral at the Segovia campus.

Though the pandemic has meant that the experience hasn’t been exactly how he had envisioned it, changing the nature of his interactions with his professors and student peers, he isn’t bothered by the new protocols and hopes the crisis will be resolved soon.

In fact, he has thrown himself into IEU Community life, attending “eye-opening and thought provoking” workshops on the data/technology confluence, AI and design thinking. In line with his professional and personal interests, he’s also considering the Coding Club, the Book Club and the Debate Club.

His interest in the Book Club in particular is no surprise, as he names reading as more of a passion than a hobby. He can spend hours sitting in one of Madrid’s parks and immersing himself in what he describes as the “infinite possibilities a story can have.” In fact, one of the ways he regards life is exemplified by his favorite quote, from fantasy novel Nevernight: “Too many books, too few centuries.” He uses this to motivate himself, acknowledging that there are so many things to see and learn, so much knowledge to be gleaned from the world.

That may explain why he feels so at home at IE University. Looking to the future, he wants to take what he’s learned into the field that has interested him for so long straight after graduating, if possible. With that in mind, he wants to enhance his experience through internships, as he believes they’re the best way to understand and access a labor market that’s always changing, particularly in the sector that fascinates him so much.