“The programs IE University has to aid us with our personal and professional careers could not be better.”

Laura, Spain

Bachelor in Business Administration

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Laura Badolato

About me

I was born in Madrid but moved to a boarding school in England for five years when I was thirteen. As much of my adolescence was spent in England, I feel that both countries have made me the person I am today. When I’m not studying, I love exploring my passion for music and drama. I have played piano and studied acting from a young age, and it is something that I hope to keep up for the rest of my life. I am a naturally curious person, and so want to have the choice to forge my own path. After IE University, I cannot wait to travel and explore the world even more.

Laura Badolato, Spain


Undergraduate student

Laura chose to come and study business at IE University as she believes it will give her the grounding she needs to access a wide range of careers. Even though she has some ideas about what she wants to do, she realizes it’s important to keep her options open.

Her general idea involves completing her bachelor’s degree, then deciding upon a master’s which will help shape her career path. But for the moment, the flexibility of her current program is something that she loves as she still doesn’t know what the future holds for her. She hopes that studying at IE University—with its diverse student body, exchanges and internship opportunities—will afford her the clarity, but also the freedom, to shape her future as she goes.

Despite the restrictions due to the current pandemic, Laura has enjoyed her experience at IE University so far. Being able to attend in-person classes is something she considers a privilege in these strange times, and has given her a taste of the campus experience.

In spite of the current circumstances, the University has remained as open as possible and, true to Laura’s active spirit, she has been highly involved in the different events and experiences available.

According to Laura, the programs that IE University offers to help nurture their students’ personal and professional careers could not be better. As someone who loves to travel and meet new people, she has been looking forward to the exchange program ever since she joined. She has jumped at this incredible opportunity and is set to go to Australia next year. She has always wanted to travel there and thanks IE University for making her dream a reality.

Laura sees herself leading a two-sided career. Aside from her love of sports, she is a keen performer. She began singing and playing piano aged six and has been acting from when she was twelve. She considers these to be her two main passions and hopes to incorporate her new business skills with this creative side going forward.

Adventure and spontaneity is in Laura’s DNA and she is eager to seek out new experiences and explore different careers after graduating. From multinational corporations to small businesses, Laura wants to try it all! Of course, she still wants to travel and meet new people, while furthering her personal and professional ambitions.

For Laura nothing is set in stone yet. We will have to check back with her in ten years, but for now we’re happy to see what her future holds.