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María Pareja- Student Story Bachelor in Design | IE University

María Pareja

About me

I was born in the US, yet spent most of my childhood in Quito, Ecuador. When I was younger, I also lived in Chile and Venezuela. This experience helped me get out of my comfort zone and open my mind and heart towards new experiences, people and cultures. Throughout my life, I've loved learning about other people's experiences and beliefs, which has shaped me to become an understanding and caring person. I feel that every person has their own stories to tell, making the world a more diverse and exciting place.

María Pareja
Undergraduate student
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Bachelor in Design
María Pareja- Student Story Bachelor in Design | IE University

"Opening my heart and mind to new experiences has taught me how diverse and wonderful the world I live in is."

María Pareja

Seeing the beauty of design in the natural world

María had always wanted to study in a foreign country, where she could meet people from all over the world and surround herself with hugely diverse backgrounds. As a creative person from a young age, María realized the importance of design in making a more practical, beautiful and sustainable world. Studying design at IE University taught María the fundamentals of design and how to address everyday problems through creativity.

One of the aspects María loves most about the University is the campus life. She finds the Segovia community truly magical, from its history and architecture to its beautiful natural surroundings, which are perfect for outdoor activities. As a small town, it is an extremely welcoming place and a close-knit environment.

IE University offers students the opportunity to interact and form part of different clubs, creating new relationships and experiences. In María’s case, she joined the University’s soccer team, which has been a fundamental part of her everyday life at Segovia. Being a part of the team has been an amazing experience, as María has been able to meet new people and build strong relationships with her teammates.

When it comes to her professional development, María has gained fundamental knowledge in a range of areas including business, psychology and design. This multidisciplinary approach has helped her find connections between different fields while enabling her to better approach challenges and problem-solving.

IE University has not only shaped María professionally, but also personally. She feels she has become more independent and made special bonds with incredible people in class, on the soccer team and with her flatmates. Throughout her time at the University, María has learned the importance of staying active and doing the things she enjoys most. For instance, she has become more dedicated and passionate about her hobbies, learning to balance her social life and personal interests with her studies.

As an active person, María likes playing sports, being with her friends, singing and playing the ukulele. On the weekend, she enjoys going on a hike through the peaceful Segovia hills. In addition, watching the sunset with her friends from the hills of Segovia is one of her favorite activities.

After learning about different branches of design, María was most inspired by graphic and product design. Building on this, she would like to combine both of these disciplines in the future and create her own personal brand and firm. One of María’s long-term goals is to gain experience by working with designers in order to learn from them and take inspiration from their work. In the short-term, María would like to complete internships in the two summers before graduation.