Bachelor in Design

The Design Council

At IE, or more specifically IE school of Architecture and Design, there is a community of varying members that together make up the Design Council. This elite community is made up of three types of members; Advisors, Studios, and Businesses and Institutions which aid IE´s excellent faculty in producing some of the best architects and designers in their respective fields.

We believe that in the modern day it is of the utmost importance to combine professionals, industry and academia to form a source of invaluable insight and knowledge. Our school seeks to form a strong bond between education and the real world, to understand the latest social tendencies and cutting edge design trends, and our partners in the field keep us up-to-date on what is really happening.

The Advisors

Are renowned professionals in the field of design that are totally immersed in the broad and vibrant world of design. They will assist in the definition of the Council´s agenda, focusing on the most important issues to tackle, which are mainly related to worldwide problems.

The Studios

Are the design professionals who actively tackle challenging projects for their clients and seek to develop them using ingenuity and the latest innovative aspects of design and creative thinking. They will also bring projects to IE students to collaborate on, fostering a hands-on learning environment.

Business and institutions

Are those who understand and benefit from the value of design today as they use it in their day-to-day business or institutional activities. These public institutions and businesses will bring challenging projects to the students and professors of IE University to define the problem and work on innovation solutions.


Design Studios

Businesses and Institutions