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Your Own Path

We understand that graduating from IE University is not the end—it’s only the beginning. After leaving campus, we always get curious about our incredible alumni are doing. So, we decided to see where they are now. Your Own Path is an exciting video series where former students tell their stories, showing us their offices, the work they do, their friends, and a little of what their routine is like. We hope these videos inspire our current students to follow their dreams and see the endless possibilities that await graduates from IE University.

We went to a number of countries including the Czech Republic, Ireland, Germany, and Switzerland to reconnect with old friends. However, our students know no limits when it comes to working in multinational environments, with many finding homes all over the globe. Keep an eye out for more videos, and, who knows, maybe you could end up working abroad with one of these exciting opportunities.

Meet our Alumni worldwide:



She is from France and now works at Salesforce in Dublin. She studied the Bachelor in Business Administration.

Philippine is always looking to get involved in extracurricular activities. At IE University, she made the most of the diverse community on campus, immersing herself in team-based experiences. She discovered how to organize teams to improve productivity, and her innovative mindset has helped make the most of her time there. Thanks to these skills developed in the Bachelor in Business Administration, she was chosen for a summer internship at Salesforce’s EMEA Headquarters in Dublin. Philippine has an exciting future ahead of her, and we are in no doubt she will be able to achieve whatever she sets her mind on.





They are from Germany and Finnland and are the founders of Cutnut. Teiko studied the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws, and Philipp and Benjamin studied the Bachelor in Business Administration.


These IE University graduates are taking the entrepreneurial world by storm. The trio created Cutnut, a B2B software used by companies to produce, and distribute high-quality story content for their social media platforms, websites, and apps. They have been featured in this year’s Forbes 30 under 30 list for European media and marketing, and their company has been growing exponentially from its conception. Their tool will be used to create stories for the brand new Google AMP format as well social media, bringing vertical content to all available platforms. It seems that innovation runs through their veins and together they are an unstoppable force in the future of entrepreneurship.


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He is from the Czech Republic and works at LinkedIn in Dublin. He studied the Bachelor in Business Administration.

Lukas is originally from the Czech Republic but currently works in the sales development at LinkedIn in Dublin. He’s taking part in a rotational program, where he gets to experience different departments every few months to get insights into all areas of business. Eventually, he would like to pursue an entrepreneurial path, and is grateful to IE University for providing him with the necessary resources and opportunities to do so. When not thinking about his future, Lukas enjoys exploring his new city or taking part in a range of sports, including running, table tennis, and mountain biking.


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She is from the Czech Republic and works at Havas Prague. She studied the Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media.

Since graduating, Jasmina has shown true determination in pursuing her passions. She currently works at Havas in Prague, a creative agency that manages social media for large global companies, including Google. After taking on a number of roles, she has gained new insights and opened the door to a world of opportunity. At IE University, Jasmina made every effort to follow her passions, taking part in photography, music, and sports activities. As a result, she has evolved into a multifaceted professional who brings a dynamic skill set to her professional environment.





He is from Spain and works at J.P. Morgan in Geneva. He studied the Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws.

Originally from Spain, Pablo moved to Geneva, Switzerland to work at J.P. Morgan as an investor analyst. He’s currently taking part in a three-year program at the company to grow his skills—and he’s using his time well. At IE University, he learned to develop his own point of view to better connect with people. Now, alongside dedicating himself to his work, he takes every opportunity to network with people from many different departments and gain new perspectives. A keen believer in the power of technology, he hopes to move more into the technological side of finance in the future.





From her native Spain to around the globe, we follow Letizia Caprile’s story and how her experience in the Bachelor in Architecture at IE University has catapulted her successes.

Over the course of her academic and professional career, Letizia has gained a unique global perspective on what it means to be an architect. She has worked on a wide range of design projects all around the world. From Spain to the UK, Chile, and beyond, Letizia shares just how far she’s been able to go with IE University. Her extensive international experience and humanistic approach to architecture are what have helped guide her in founding Kaura Studio. In her free time, Letizia enjoys cooking and escaping the city to unwind from her busy schedule.



"I really wanted to discover higher education in a very international way. I wanted to learn a lot about the practice and not only about theory and IE University really gave me this opportunity."
"For me success means being able to be independent, being able to not having to rely on anybody. For me it means just being able to make your own decisions."
"I'm very happy that work became part of my life because it's something that I enjoy, and I think that's something that is very important to achieve in your life."
"Success, for me, means building something that people really like and having positive externalities on the world."
"My advice to have a global career would be, first of all, to get out of your comfort zone, because that’s the only way to meet new people, open your eyes, and see new opportunities."
"Entrepreneurship to me is about my experience with it: creating my own business."