Why do a Dual Degree?

IE offers you the flexibility to customize your education based on your specific interests and career aspirations through a Dual Degree program. With top postgraduate programs across several disciplines, Dual Degrees at IE go beyond and prepare you to become a leader who can bring about needed change from big-picture-perspectives in order to be the most effective contributor in your chosen profession.

With a Dual Degree, you are proactively positioning yourself to stand on the threshold of two worlds, demonstrating a capacity for multiple lines of thinking, problem solving, and framing that will help you to have a measurable impact on your ability to make a contribution in your future profession.

Graduating from a Dual Degree can offer you a competitive differentiation and the opportunity to display a sharp focus and an airtight commitment to two fields of study, as well as a clear understanding of your career goals and the desire to be one of the leading contributors in your chosen industry and function.

Advantages of doing a Dual Degree include:

Versatility and Flexibility

Highlight your ability to take on different projects as you are not limited to one field alone, which will help you to have a bigger contribution as an employee


  • Improve your short and long-term career flexibility in an ever-changing job market that can see old employment opportunities disappear and new ones suddenly pop-up
  • Place yourself on a possible fast-track in your chosen function based on the management knowledge that is an important aspect in connection with future promotions for high level responsibly positions
  • Maximize your postgraduate experience by acquiring a range of managerial skills and field-specific knowledge, since employers usually allow candidates to pursue a company-subsidized degree of two years
  • Boost your leverage potential when it comes to negotiating future salaries based on your diversified skill-set


Increase your network of expert classmates and professors as much as your chances of meeting current and future CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, and business partners, as well as mentors and investors that can connect you with job opportunities

Who is a Dual Degree for?

Dual Degrees at IE are suitable for highly motivated students that have clear career plans and want to build a stronger skill-set in a specific area while developing the leadership and management skills that will enable them to do more with their specialized knowledge.

  • Chris Hellberg
    New Zealand, Dual Degree Alumnus 2012, Professional Services Consultant at Saddleback Solutions

International MBA + Master in Real Estate Development

By completing the International MBA + Master in Real Estate Development Dual Degree you can proactively position yourself in the job market by combining the critical skills of general management with the integrated view of the factors involved in real estate provided by the Master in Real Estate Development. You will not only become an expert in this field, but also be able to break the traditional development approach, exploring the combination of real estate development and city infrastructure investment from a global perspective.

Following the dynamic changes that the world has seen in the recent years, our ideal candidates are passionate about cities, the built environment and their desire to be involved in the real estate development process. In 19 months, the International MBA + Master in Real Estate Development Dual Degree will help you to differentiate yourself in the job market and allow you to grow within your company by taking advantage of cross-program synergies between two worldwide leading master programs.