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The best of both worlds

The Dual Degree program at IE enables students to tailor their studies to their academic, personal and professional goals.

It allows you to…

  • Combine programs from different schools
  • Transform your academic trajectory
  • Optimize productivity by fast-tracking your degree
  • Customize your path to success

As you pursue two disciplines in parallel, you’ll gain insight into two different perspectives and ways of thinking. Our dual degree program provides the skills and knowledge needed to excel at any task and launch a successful career while refining your techniques and giving you the tools to transform any sector. In less than two years, you’ll cover the contents of two master’s programs—and graduate with two diplomas.

Dual Degrees are designed for highly motivated students. If you’re a recent graduate, they provide an invaluable opportunity to propel yourself into the future. If you’re a working professional, they’re the best way to take your career to the next level.

To take full advantage of these programs, you must have the energy and enthusiasm to thrive in a competitive, multicultural and innovative academic environment. Students need to be driven and ambitious, with the determination to complete two intensive courses of study while seamlessly switching from one discipline to another. As a result, Dual Degree students graduate with a unique set of tools; ready to make their mark on the increasingly competitive professional world.

Find the Dual Degree that best fits your profile


Double your Master's degree

We offer combinations of management with marketing, big data, law, and even international relations.


Two Bachelor's Degrees in 5 years

Can't choose between bachelor degrees? Explore our Dual Bachelor's Degrees and achieve your education goals faster.

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