It’s rare to find true inspiration, stimulus that’s thought-provoking, motivation that sparks change and makes an impact. Until now.

About IE


IE is innovative education that makes an impact. We prepare students for the world today and the world of tomorrow, providing them with the relevant knowledge and skills they need to succeed.

IE offers a technology-based learning ecosystem, training the leaders of tomorrow to make positive change through innovation, global vision, an entrepreneurial mindset and a unique focus on the humanities.

What we offer

IE offers programs for lifelong learning. Students can choose from undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs along with executive education programs for the busiest professionals.
Many of our programs have been developed in partnership with other prestigious universities, such as Brown, Chicago Booth, Northwestern University, MIT, Yale…, and we participate in top associations worldwide to make sure we stay at the forefront of innovative education. (APSIA Association of Schools of International affairs, AACSB International Advancing Quality, Global Business Education)


Our programs and teaching methodology are at the forefront of integrating technology with education. We are the first higher education institute to continuously create, modify and shape new programs based on trends and current needs in the working world. Our programs prepare students to take advantage of real opportunities now and in the future; our disruptive programs train future leaders and changemakers.

Postgraduate programs
Professors, 28% of whom are women
Alumni from 165 countries


Everything we do, from creating new programs, to selecting faculty or defining program courses, is based on our four main pillars. These values make up our DNA; they define who we are…


IE is committed to the holistic integration of technology in education and business, shaping and empowering leaders who are ready to face the challenges of the digital world.


IE promotes the development of an entrepreneurial ecosystem, boosts intrapreneurship and supports its students and graduates in the creation and development of startups around the world.


IE values the humanities as a key element in understanding the reality of the world we live in through a global vision and critical thinking.


IE promotes diversity to ensure a unique experience, enriched by the contributions of students from around the world. Freedom and respect for diversity are intrinsic to our identity. Students, graduates and professors from over 160 countries nurture an environment rich in diverse visions and ideas.

Academic excellence

IE´s faculty is made up of both academics and practicing professionals. Students gain a 360 degree education, combining comprehensive knowledge of their sector with hands-on learning that lets them jump into the working world with real-life experience under their belts. This combination means that our programs are continuously updated with the latest trends and technological tools.

Discover our IE pathways

The IE University Pathways streamline related subject areas to guide you towards the program that’s right for you. We give you the power to control your own journey according to your unique goals. After deciding which pathway to take, you’ll be in a better position to define your individual professional trajectory. Guided by a world-class faculty and surrounded by other innovative minds, you’ll have the freedom to explore as you discover your own destination. Explore the 7 Pathway to find the specific program that fits with your career goals.

Close ties with the business world

IE is an ecosystem of innovation and development; a connecting link between the worlds of academics and business. Companies benefit from this intersection by participating in our activities and providing their employees with further training. In this way, they become part of the educational and evolutionary process, collaborating to create new ideas and develop entrepreneurial projects.

Our partnerships with leading companies across sectors, and our commitment to helping both students and companies find what they’re looking for, mean IE students hold some of the most important positions globally and businesses and organizations around the world are led by top talent.

IE helps students and alumni start down the career path that is right for them. Students enter the ever-changing working world with hands-on experience and an education enriched by cultural diversity.

High value community

The students, faculty and alumni at each of our five schools come together into a diverse, high-powered, talented community. With a common spirit of innovation and of challenging the status quo, this community offers support in every sector from legal assistance to technology development and design. Being part of the global IE network maximizes the opportunities of our members and the impact of any project or venture worldwide. Our global offices mean students have access to contacts and partner companies in over 30 countries.

Our admissions process looks for holistic, talented candidates. IE is made up of people who are open minded, who are not afraid to make a real impact, and who always want to take things one step further, regardless of where they are or what they’re doing in the world. Our tailor-made approach to admissions means that each new student offers added value to the community.


IE seeks talent: IE and the IE Women Initiative aim to inspire confidence and help women advance in their pursuit of success.

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A business school for transformation, creation and innovation. Our internationally recognized approach creates an environment of thriving professionalism.

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IE Law School drives innovation in the legal world, training global lawyers that standout for their passion for entrepreneurship and humanistic spirit.

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Educating innovative professionals for the new world of work. Our students draw on communication, media, social sciences and technology to impact business and society.

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Architecture and design education is based on innovation, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit, all fostered through project-based learning.

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We train influential leaders to transform and truly make a difference in the private, public, and non-profit sectors.

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