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As societies evolve and the global affairs landscape continues to change, today’s companies and organizations need professionals who are well versed in both business and global affairs to take the helm and help them adapt.This Dual Degree combines the International MBA and the Master in International Relations in order to fill this demand, providing the rigor and real-world experience needed to shape the leaders of tomorrow.

If you choose to rise to this challenge, you’ll begin your IE journey with the IMBA, building a strong foundation in the fundamentals of business, management, economics and finance. You’ll strengthen your existing leadership skills, opening the door to high-level positions in your chosen industry. You’ll also be able to personalize the program by choosing from various labs, international exchanges and hands-on experiences to enrich your learning experience and advance your own aspirations.

You’ll then take on the MIR, adding multidisciplinary knowledge in languages, humanities, politics, technology and more to your professional profile. In addition to international business and economics, the MIR focuses on global affairs foundations, comparative regional studies and social entrepreneurship and development. You’ll be exposed to a highly diverse community of classmates, instructors and mentors, and have the chance to gain hands-on real-world experience. After just 19 months, you’ll be ready to re-enter the professional world, take a decisive step forward in your career and truly make a difference in the international business world and beyond.


Liquid Learning at IE University

In this new reality, we understand it’s not always possible to attend class in person. That’s why we developed our Liquid Learning approach, which seamlessly adapts to individual needs and provides equal access to world-class education—whether on campus or online wherever you are.

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International MBA Core

International MBA Lab

Master in International Relations


The total tuition for this Dual Degree is 91.200 euros*. IE uses a rolling admissions process; therefore, there is no single application deadline. However, we recommend applying early given the limited number of places in the program.

The fee includes the following:

• All expenses related to academic learning, including: Access to relevant technology, multimedia learning tools, conferences, access to physical and digital library resources and access to the various IE Centers of Excellence.

• A contribution to IE Foundation, a not-for-profit organization which supports students during and after the program.

Please bear in mind that the tuition fee does not include the admissions fee that amounts to 150€. This amount is not refundable and cannot be deduced from the cost of the program. Admission to the program is valid for two successive intakes.

*Tuition fees are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

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The Faculty

Ranging from a diverse number of nationalities and backgrounds, our faculty is made up of practitioners, entrepreneurs, executives, academic experts and even authors published in top journals who are completely accessible to students, guiding them in the path to accomplish their goals.

Explore each program

This dual degree is a combination of the two following programs. Explore their websites for more details.

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  • The MIR opened my eyes to a whole new world of concepts, companies and connections in the international world. There is no part of my life that isn’t impacted by my experience at IE every single day. I have my dream job, and best of all, I have great friends all over the world.

    Jamie Van Horne

    Associate Consultant at Camber Collective (MIR Alumni)

Dual Degrees Team


Dual Degree Team

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