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About us

IE School of Architecture and Design is dedicated to creative pursuits in all their forms. We’re a place where innovative design education, creativity, entrepreneurship and community come together to do.


Design Ahead is our ethos, it signifies a forward thinking and innovative approach to design. Being ahead of trends, anticipate future needs, and proactively create solutions before they are even demanded.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop, nurture and deploy the power of human creativity to shape a more sustainable, more just and more beautiful world.

We prepare future leaders and expand knowledge in the creative industries.

Our Vision

Our vision is a school dedicated to creative pursuits—a living gallery and laboratory connected to a larger community, a key point in the cultural landscape and the cultural agenda wherever we operate.

Our School is a place where creativity begets more creativity, which inspires further creative work, strengthens our connections with the wider community, and helps us imagine and build a better world.

Where Creativity and Entrepreneurship Take Shape: IE


Creative Industries

The term 'creative industries' describes businesses with creativity at their heart

Creative industries are all around us; they impact every aspect of our daily lives. They can be seen in the clothes we wear, the buildings in which we live, work and play, and the character of our cities.

The creative industries comprise a diverse array of artistic and cultural sectors, including design, architecture, fashion, gaming, visual and performing arts, film, music, crafts, advertising, media, creative writing, and museums, amongst others. These are increasingly important drivers of urban economies, in small cities like Segovia, and in large capital regions like Madrid, and beyond.

Creative Ecosystem

The creative economy relies on the codependency between Creating, Making, Distributing, Exhibiting and Critiquing ideas, products and processes.

In recognition of this, a shared creative philosophy informs our teaching methodology and program content, with time and space given to students to bring their ideas to life, share their work and gather expert feedback to perfect it. Our creative ecosystem reflects the wider landscape in which our students, who are future creative industry leaders, will launch their own projects.

Our Students

IE School of Architecture and Design welcomes a diverse audience encompassing aspiring creatives, future leaders in creative industries, and professionals seeking advancement in areas such as architecture, design, real estate development, interior design and fashion design.

With a strong commitment to sustainability, social responsibility and design innovation, the school provides an ideal environment for individuals passionate about shaping the future of cities and contributing to the global creative landscape.

Our Creative Campus

Our Creative Campus is not just a place; it’s a state of mind

Whether in Segovia, in Madrid or on our global online campus, IE School of Architecture and Design offers the latest tech for experimentation, production and the testing of ideas. But it’s also where creative minds from different disciplines meet to collaborate.

Where the IE Community reaches out, through initiatives like the D LAB, Fab Lab, Venture Lab, capstone projects and more, to the wider community to provide real solutions for future challenges at all scales. And where, through exhibitions and events, we showcase the outstanding range of creative work developed by our students.

Community Impact

Public Face and Community Engagement

We are not just an educational institution; we are a public face that actively contributes to their surrounding communities.

Through exhibitions and events, we showcase the outstanding range of creative work developed by our students. IE School of Architecture and Design is a key part of the communities that surround us in Segovia, Madrid, and beyond, with students and staff alike engaging in community activities and participating in nonprofit and civic initiatives.

Through our D-LAB, students engage in providing design solutions for public schools, city councils, non profit organizations, and civic associations. They actively participate in the entire design process, from conception to project development, manufacturing, and assembly.


Our students and staff are always available to share their experiences and help resolve any doubts you might have.

Why studying in Madrid is beneficial

Madrid offers the perfect blend of traditional culture, a fast-growing economy, professional opportunities and fun. Study in a city full of possibilities, ideal for any ambitious professional.​

Madrid City Center | IE University
Discover Where Segovia Can Take You | IE School of Architecture and Design

Discover where Segovia can take you​

Traditional culture, small-town charm and natural landscapes—studying in Segovia is an immersive Spanish experience. Escape the big city and study in a World Heritage Site.​


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Earthquake Exposes Cycle of Housing Inequality

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