At IE School of Architecture and Design, we take a hands-on educational approach to promote a holistic learning experience. Through extensive and highly technical projects that require research, collaboration, testing, and evaluation, our students are able to engage with every stage of the creative journey to produce exceptional work.

The valuable experience they gain through during project-work is key to prepare them for a successful future in their respective fields. These projects represent the culmination of their skill, talent, and perseverance—so we are providing them with the platform they deserve.

Student Projects

Student projects are not exclusive to any particular program at IE School of Architecture and Design. Whether taking part in a bachelor’s or master’s degree, everyone has the opportunity to participate in meaningful, career-boosting projects. This means that regardless of a student’s chosen path, there is a major practical element to each IE student’s training.

The value of this cannot be overstated. Student projects provide the opportunity to transform ideas into reality, helping students hone their strategic-planning and teamwork skills, while developing their eye for good design. They keep students alert and fresh; preparing them to anticipate and address their employer’s pressing needs.



Three organisms with their own micro-climates are inviting the community to develop their lives together in harmony with nature.

Reinventing residential architecture with biophilic design, passive, sustainable, urban and structural strategies, multifunctional spaces, ...

Year 4 – Semester 2
Autor (Student): Rodrigo López

Sketching Ideas Book – Design Annual Journal Vol. 1

A compedium of essays written, designed and produced by Bachelor in Design 1st and 2nd year students.

The objective of Sketching Ideas is to focus the spotlight again on the critical and theoretical frameworks ...

Autor (Students): Adelaida Balthazar, Rafaela Valencia-Dongo, Monica Pastor, Anna Lassen, Irene Delgado, Naqiya Kantawala, Federica Caso, Nicole Beltrán, Anurag Phalke, Mae White, Nicholas Saye, Alejandra Alonso-Majagranzas, MJ Heshiki and
Autor (Students): The Designers: Federica Caso, Maria Jose Heshiki, Nicole Beltrán

The Hub

The Hub is a space with the optimal environment for connecting, facilitating and enhancing growth and development. It is located in a specific section inside Leeds University campus because there is a numerous amount of ...

Year 4 – Semester 2
Autor (Student): Rodrigo López Sobreviela

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IEU Labs are hands-on, internship-like experiences. Every lab is essentially a fully tutored working space where students can collaborate with companies and institutions. They allow students to gain professional skills and industry knowledge, while building the first links in that all-important professional network.

There are several IEU Labs to choose from, including consultancy labs, social project labs as well as entrepreneurship labs. They are open to learners of all programs, encouraging students to explore new areas of interest while gaining interdisciplinary knowledge. Learn more about some of the labs we offer below.


The D(esign) Lab introduces students to all facets of design and architecture. Students gain invaluable industry knowledge and experience by working on real projects with real clients. The D-Lab aims to teach important industry tools and practices, while helping students adapt to new scenarios in a constantly changing environment.

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The IEU Slow Fashion Lab explores sustainability in the fashion industry. In this lab, students get the opportunity to meet various industry professionals and discover what it takes to make it work from the concept stage to the grand opening. From a perspective of sustainability, students look at current industry standards and design innovative solutions to overcome challenges real companies face.

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