Why Would you Want to study… The Master in Strategic Design of Spaces?


Why would you want to go into your workplace this morning? Why would you want to go into that clothing store? Why would you want to study the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces?

During the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces, our students learn how to answer to the “3W’s” as referred to by Guzmán de Yarza, the Program Director: Why Would you Want to…? There are an infinity of ways to finish this question, but at the IE School of Architecture and Design, we focus on workspaces, learning and retail environments.


The program director, Guzmán de Yarza, and our students talk about their main takeaways during the programs, the benefits of the design lab and the reasons why they would want to study the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces:

Carlota Manzano Laina

“I learned how to analyze a brand, a company or even a learning methodology and apply that knowledge into the space.” In this manner, the brand identity translates into the design. Through the Design Lab, “you are able to apply, in a practical way, the knowledge you have acquired from other courses.” In this manner, learnings are explored in a practical way.

Sitou Akolly

“My biggest takeaway was learning about strategies in order to understand the clients, brand strategy, how to design for someone that is not you.” Moreover, Sitou talks about how important understanding the clients is, and creating designs that nurture who they are. He also learned how to combine his artistic expression with the client’s needs and wants. For him, the Design Lab has been “a space where we are able to test things and critically think about strategies to design for a place where architecture and business meet.”


María Rodríguez Martínez

She experienced how design is a balance of a variety of aspects: the space available, the idea behind the design, the user’s will engagement with the space and, most importantly, how this concept will influence the customer – especially as a retailer. For her, “A mix and balance of many things going on”.

Ellie Bou Saad

He emphasizes how design is a combination of three factors: aesthetics, analytical thinking and functionality. According to Ellie, “The harmony between them is the response to problems.Design is the resolution of problems, and the combination of these factors allows it – but if only one factor is taken into account, this will not allow for the effective resolution of problems.

Guzmán de Yarza – Program Director

“We believe in learning by doing and project-based learning.”

In order to integrate the different disciplines to embrace the next generation of environments and you can only do that with a hands-on perspective, which is why the Design Lab is an ideal complement to the master’s degree. Students are able to work on real cases, and apply the knowledge acquired on technology and sociology in order to influence spaces.

Watch this video to find out more about student testimonials and the Design Studio:

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About the Master in Strategic Design of Spaces

Places where we work, learn and shop are transformed by technology, which lead to new behavioral patterns that demand a shift in physical spaces. This master goes beyond boundaries of traditional design to take into consideration sociological and technological changes in order to strategically determine the best distribution of environments.

Throughout the master and with the Design Studio methodology, students understand the relationship between physical and virtual spaces and people – sociology and technology together – by tackling real-life problems.

The Master in Strategic Design of Spaces combines face-to-face periods in Madrid, London and online interactive periods – it is taught in a blended format, in order for professionals to combine with their work.

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