GLOBAL AND PUBLIC AFFAIRS AT IE IE School of Global and Public Affairs offers dynamic, hands-on programs that prepare students to confront the ever-changing real-world issues happening today.

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As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the complex and changing role of international relations and public affairs has never been more important.

Today, our world is faced with the challenge of governing rapid technological and societal change. Their actions and policies impact one another on a global scale that will only continue to grow over time. World actors, from government officials to multinational corporations to NGOs, must form relationships and bridges that allow them to work together toward a healthy and mutually beneficial global society.

Whether you’re just starting out on your educational journey or continuing your academic growth, IE School of Global and Public Affairs has the perfect program for you. Our programs range from comprehensive bachelor’s degrees to specialized master’s degrees for professionals looking to upgrade their skills. We train students with experiential hands-on learning, preparing them to become next generation of leaders in the public and private sectors around the globe. Professionals who want to deepen their understanding of the international arena, experienced workers looking for a career change and new students alike will gain the skills they need to impact global interactions.

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IE School of Global and Public Affairs is committed to creating global leaders who are ready to face the future, creating a world governed for all while constantly adapting to change.

We equip students to excel as top professionals in international public, private and non-profit sectors with a hands-on approach to contemporary global affairs.

Upon completion, our graduates step onto the world stage with a comprehensive understanding of how societies, businesses, technology, trade, politics and more, are affected by global international relations, public policy and economics and development. Students will gain insights into the intersection of the public and private sectors, the Atlantic world and its global dimension, and the complex interactions between innovation, technology and society.




We apply an entrepreneurial spirit to everything we do, emphasizing impact and providing solutions to real-world challenges.



We encourage social innovation by understanding technology and change, and by learning to anticipate new developments.

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We shape a diverse and global community of humanistic, transformational leaders.

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All our programs are delivered through an experiential, hands-on approach that prepares students to become the next generation of leaders in public and private sectors around the globe.

To achieve this, we base our teaching strategy around three interconnected pillars: teaching, research and the educational ecosystem, a multidisciplinary approach to practical teaching that’s continuously informed and updated by our faculty’s research.

Through these pillars, we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset for solving the real issues confronted in the modern world; inspire innovation and understanding of current technologies; and promote diversity and synergies in our global society.

Our faculty consists of world-leading practitioners, experts and professors from a diverse range of nationalities and backgrounds. During class, students have the opportunity to work closely with these professors and professionals, as well as through attending conferences and roundtables, and hearing guest speakers. Each of our faculty members contributes their own unique set of skills and knowledge within the field of international relations, economics, social entrepreneurship and regional studies.

Our centers and initiatives—such as the Center for the Governance of Change, the Transatlantic Relations Initiative or the PublicTech Lab—each aimed at continuous innovation, offer our students experiences that will give them insight into the global arena.


The intersection of the public and private sectors

The intricate relationship between businesses and governments becomes even more complex at a global level. Students learn how to influence and navigate the areas where the public and private sectors converge.

IE Transnational Relations Initiative

The Atlantic world and its global dimension

Transatlantic relationships encompass their own realm of challenges, including trade, financial regulation, democratization and terrorism, among many others. Students become leaders in cooperative efforts throughout the Atlantic world, with a particular focus on the US-European relationship.


The complex interactions among innovation, technology and society

As both technology and society evolve at a rapid pace, it is important to understand the impact that their changes have on one another. Students become familiar with the global forces that drive and merge innovation, technology and society.


Learning activities in the student's day-to-day




With whom in my class?

Simultaneously: we all coincide in doing the same activity

We do not coincide in doing the same activity

The entire class

Lectures ‌, Conferences Forums ‌, Simulations

Only my workgroup

Discussion seminar ‌, Team Projects ‌, Company/Institutions Projects ‌, Workshops Working on the final Business Plan‌, Group coaching

I work individually with a specific learning activity

Pre-Program Course ‌‌, Surveys/polls‌, Exams, Class Exercises Individual Assignments ‌, 1 on 1 Feedback Sessions ‌, Peer to peer Feedback ‌, MOOCs (Video) ‌, Capstone/Thesis/Dissertation


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Executive Master in International Trade

The Executive Master in International Trade is a cutting-edge program for ambitious individuals eager to understand the trends and dynamics that are changing the nature of business. By analyzing how innovation and emerging technologies are disrupting our globalized trade systems, you can overcome the challenges and find new opportunities for companies that want to expand.




15 months

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International Trade Centre

International Islamic Trade Finance Corporation

International Chamber of Commerce

Master in International Development

IE School of Global and Public Affairs and the United Nations System Staff College have partnered to provide world-class training to professionals eager to tackle the complex challenges associated with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Students will be given the tools and knowledge they need to promote sustainable social, economic, and environmental prosperity around the world.




10 months

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United Nations System Staff College

Master in International Relations

In the Master in International Relations, students learn how to become influential and transformational leaders who make a difference in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. Guided by a world-class faculty, the program combines technical knowledge and first-hand sector experience to give participants the tools and insights to make waves in the international arena.




10 months

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Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development

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International Students

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