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IE University, distinguished at the QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023, the ‘Oscars’ of Education

IE University, distinguished at the QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023
The awards aim to recognize the efforts of educators, institutions, and edtech start-ups in preparing learners for the challenges of the future.

IE University has been recognized as among the most innovative Higer Education institutions in the world during the recent QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023 ceremony in Abu Dhabi. The awards aim to recognize the efforts of educators, institutions, and edtech start-ups in preparing learners for the challenges of the future and this year, more than 1,200 educational proposals were submitted to by universities and companies from around the world. 

“The QS Reimagine Education Awards are also known as the ‘Oscars’ of Education and this highlights the relevance and mission of the competition.”
Martín Rodríguez, General Manager of IE Lifelong Learning & Digital Learning at IE University

“We are thrilled that IE University had seven projects among the finalists, one of which was awarded the gold in “The Power of Partnerships – Europe” category and another project awarded the bronze globally in the “Science of Learning” category. This recognition serves as a catalyst for us to continue experimenting, innovating, and adding creativity in discovering new ways and new learning models to apply in the higher education landscape.”

Borja Santos, deputy Vice Dean of IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs, continued: “This recognition reflects our commitment to delivering transformative educational programs and maintaining partnerships with top international institutions. We work every day to impact the future of education in a positive way, particularly in areas like sustainability and the integration of artificial intelligence in teaching and learning. This involvement underscores IE University's dedication to being at the forefront of educational innovation and development.”

IE University winners and shortlisted teaching materials of the QS Reimagine Education Awards 2023:

Bronze Award in “Science of Learning” category: “Refugee Camp Simulation for Crisis Preparedness and Response” developed by IE University and IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs. Coordinated by Borja Santos, of the IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs, in collaboration with La Cooperativa Humanitaria.

Project Description: Bachelor and Master students in IE University’s International Relations, International Development, and Economics programs participate in a dynamic, two-day simulation workshop focused on developing skills for responding to humanitarian crises. The workshop is divided into two parts. On the first day, IE Professors Pablo Marco and Borja Santos lead the students through a series of theoretical case studies and real-world scenarios, providing a strong foundation in crisis management. The second day is an immersive experience facilitated by La Cooperativa Humanitaria, which includes former staff of Doctors Without Borders. Students construct and manage a mock refugee camp, gaining hands-on experience in tackling real-world humanitarian challenges. Additionally, organizations such as the UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, deliver on-site sessions. The workshop culminates with students reflecting on their experiences and learnings. This experiential learning approach is designed to sharpen the students' ability to analyze complex situations and make decisions that prioritize human welfare.

Gold Award, Europe in “The Power of Partnerships” category: “The Power of Partnerships: Online Teaching Academy” developed by EFMD, Imperial College Business School, and IE Business School.   Developed by Martín Rodriguez, General Manager of Lifelong Learning & Digital Learning at IE University, in collaboration with EFMD and Imperial College Business School.  

Project Description: Established in 2019, the Online Teaching Academy  was delivered by EFMD in partnership with Imperial College Business School and IE Business School with the aim of supporting business school faculty worldwide in the development of online learning and teaching. Adopting a blended approach, the Online Teaching Academy offers a week of interactive online learning, followed by a three-day intensive residential period, each year hosted in a different city in Europe. The 2024 residential period will take place in Lisbon.

Shortlisted Awards: 

“Sustainability in Education” category: “Eye in the storm simulation: Your role in Climate Change Action” Developed by Isabela del Alcazar, Head of Sustainability at IE University, and Gonzalo Delacamara of the IE Center for Water & Climate Adaptation in collaboration with the Digital Learning  team at IE University. 

Eye in the Storm is a VR experience that puts students in the middle of a powerful hurricane and its aftermath. The goal is to raise awareness and empathy for the people who suffer from the effects of climate change. After the VR session, students engage in a multimedia. This innovative material uses VR technology and the immersive experience as a catalyst for meaningful learning and dialogue. Since 2022, it has reached more than 2500+ participants from various undergraduate, graduate, and executive programs at IE.

“Blended and Presence Learning” category: “Revolutionizing education: immersive real-time collaboration in VR for blended masters” Designed by Ulrike Klaussner, Director of Education and Academic Experience at IE University in collaboration with IE University professors Luis Miguel Rosa, Jesús Martin Tello and Alberto Torres, and the team of EDTX and IT Innovation at IE University. 

This project pioneers immersive collaborative learning in VR, revolutionizing blended education. By transcending geographical boundaries, it fosters seamless real-time interactions, enhancing student engagement and class cohesion. Through tailored VR environments and proactive support, students and faculty engage in dynamic learning activities, and the co-creation of knowledge. This project reflects IE University's commitment to pushing the boundaries of effective, inclusive, and engaging education.

“E-learning” category: “Facing new challenges in Space and Cyberaffairs” Developed by Andrew Bertoli of the IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs in collaboration with the Digital Learning team at IE University. 

Spacegov is a simulation game that challenges students to deal with the complex issues of space and cyber affairs. Students work in teams to launch satellites, cooperate with other teams to prevent space debris, and use cyberattacks to gain an advantage. The game aims to foster critical thinking and collaboration skills, as well as to raise awareness of the global commons and collective action problems. Spacegov has been used by more than 1250+ learners from the School of Politics, Economics, and Global Affairs, the Business Schools, and various events and executive programs.

“Immersive experiential” category: “The metaverse and sustainable development: A virtual exhibition of innovative ideas” Developed by Sebastian Veldman of IE University.

This project focuses on harnessing the potential of the Metaverse, to address the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Students of the Master in Business Analytics and Big Data and Master in Digital Business & Innovation, were challenged to develop innovative ideas and solutions that utilize the Metaverse to support at least one SDG. These ideas were presented in a virtual exhibition gallery, showcasing the students' vision for a sustainable future. Through extensive research and exploration of the Metaverse, students identified key sustainability challenges and sought to tackle them through creative and feasible means.

“The power of partnerships”: “IESPEGA-UNSSC Partnership” Developed by the IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs.

IE School of Politics, Economics and Global Affairs has established an important partnership with the United Nations System Staff College (UNSSC) in the Bachelor in International Relations, Master in International Development and Executive Master in International Development programs. This collaboration offers students unique opportunities, including courses designed and taught by United Nations staff, aimed at developing future leaders aligned with the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals. The partnership extends to practical experiences such as international study tours, research programs, internships and a mentoring system with UN Junior Professional Officers. Additionally, it includes lecture series and workshops with United Nations professionals and executives, enriching students' educational experience with real-world perspectives.