International Relations at IE At IE, International Relations is a dynamic, hands-on program that prepares students to confront complex real-world issues.

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Shaping the leaders who shape our world

As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, the role of international relations has never been more important. Thanks in large part to the rapid and dynamic advancements in technology, today’s societies have become interwoven, and as such, their actions and policies impact one another on a global scale that will only continue to increase over time. World actors, from government officials to multinational corporations to NGOs, must form relationships that allow them to work together in cooperation toward a healthy and mutually beneficial global society.

IE School of International Relations is committed to creating global leaders who are ready to take on the roles of tomorrow’s world actors and become catalysts for positive change. The framework for our program is upheld by the three pillars of our school: Teaching, Research, and Ecosystem. Through these pillars, we cultivate an entrepreneurial mindset for solving real issues faced by the modern world, inspire innovation and understanding of current technologies, and promote diversity and synergies in our global society.

We prepare future graduates to step forward on the global platform with a comprehensive understanding of how international relations affect societies, businesses, technology, trade, politics, social policies and more. Students will develop insights on the intersection of the public and private sectors, the Atlantic world and its global dimension, and the complex interactions among innovation, technology, and society, as our main focuses.

Whether you’re just starting out on your educational journey, or continuing your academic growth, IE School of International Relations has the perfect program for you. Our Bachelor in International Relations provides students with firsthand experience in real-world situations that will prepare them for a career in the public or private international sectors. Professionals looking to deepen their understanding of the international arena, experienced workers looking for a career change, and recent graduates alike will gain the skills they need to lead our future global interactions with the Master in International Relations.

Letter from the Dean

Welcome to IE School of International Relations.

We would like to thank you for your interest in IE School of International Relations. The world is now more complex and interconnected than it’s ever been, and the global order is shifting all the time as new forces enter and shape the global stage. The effects of rapid technological and societal change can now be felt across all regions and countries of the world. New kinds of jobs are emerging, the traditional media landscape is shifting, and the tools used for war and the battlefields themselves are changing.

Now more than ever, we need people with a global mindset who are capable of understanding and managing these rapid changes. If you’re reading this, you are likely already interested in global affairs. If you want to become an agent of change and a driver of these processes of transformation, you should consider joining us at IE.


Our Mission

We are a leading educational and research institution in the heart of Europe. We shape leaders who can navigate our complex, interdependent and rapidly changing world.



We apply an entrepreneurial spirit to everything we do by emphasizing impact and providing solutions to real-world challenges.

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We encourage social innovation by understanding technology and change, and by learning to anticipate new developments.

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We shape a diverse and global community of humanistic, transformational leaders.

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Bachelor in International Relations

This comprehensive hands-on program prepares students for a career in the international public and private sectors. Students will learn to engage in complex economic, political and social dynamics.

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Master in International Relations

The Master in International Relations is designed to be transformative. Students receive the education and training they'll need for a successful international career.

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Dual Degrees

A dual degree from IE offers a competitive advantage and the opportunity to commit to two fields of study. Students leave prepared to excel in the industry and position of their choice.

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International Relations at IE: our main focuses

Our School is a leader in the following areas:

The intersection of the public and private sectors

The intricate relationship between businesses and governments becomes even more labyrinthine at a global level. Students learn how to influence and navigate the area where the public and private sectors converge.


The Atlantic world and its global dimension

Transatlantic relationships encompass their own realm of challenges, including trade, financial regulation, democratization, and terrorism, among many others. Students become leaders in cooperative efforts throughout the Atlantic world, with a particular focus on the US-European relationship.


The complex interactions among innovation, technology and society

As both technology and society evolve at a rapid pace, it is important to understand the impact that their changes have on one another. Students become familiar with the global forces that drive and merge innovation, technology and society.

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