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Adriana Hoyos

About me

Born and raised in Colombia, I am a happy woman, a proud mother and wife, a Buddhist, economist and an intellectually curious person. I enjoy multicultural, diverse and inclusive environments the most. I believe the best ideas and most enriching interactions happen when diversity of thought, expertise and experience is present. I have always been obsessed with impact. As much as theory is key, it becomes dust in the wind when it is not applied or implemented into a tangible end product. I nag my students (and my son) about the importance of thinking big and working towards making an impact, whether it be on a personal or professional level.

Leaving a positive impact

Adriana considers herself to be incredibly lucky and privileged—not only with regard to freedom, education, health, opportunities, justice and access—but because she has always chosen her own path. She feels blessed in both her personal life and career, and has never worked on anything that she is not passionate about. She has been fortunate enough to hand-pick the cities where she has lived, and has often been in the right place at the right time when it comes to meeting interesting people. Having been blessed with the best set of circumstances in life, she can truly say that she wishes others her kind of success.

With a number of hobbies, Adriana is always pursuing her passions. She is a guitarist and singer, and loves to cook and paint. She believes music is the best therapy, while she loves the fascinating chemistry behind food and the way it can spark human interaction. She paints to a professional level, and considers art to be the greatest expression of the soul. You could also say that she’s a chocolate connoisseur and a political enthusiast, or “political and news junkie” for that matter!

Adriana has enjoyed an extensive professional career. She has worked in the private sector, mostly in banking, and as a public servant—as both a diplomat and in the executive branch of government. In addition, she has always tried to be involved in non-profits as a volunteer, on most occasions as a board member. Having lived in three different continents, Adriana loves to explore and absorb the different cultures that have welcomed her. Each experience has taught her something new and precious, and somehow has shaped her into who she is today.

Besides teaching, Adriana is a strategy consultant for the public and private sectors, and also a political advisor. The more she lives, the more she confirms that being a renaissance person is quite an advantage, and she enjoys the variety it brings.

Adriana has always been involved in academia one way or another. She believes that teaching is the best way to learn. By recycling information, it can be transformed into knowledge and, if possible, wisdom. Teaching is the fastest route to staying updated and nurturing an enduring youthful spirit, and Adriana finds it fascinating to be in contact with young brains and contrasting ideas.

When it comes to teaching during the pandemic, Adriana believes that IE University has done a wonderful job by adapting the whole organization to enable it to operate under these extreme circumstances. It has been a tough process, but the strategies implemented have proven effective and resilient, resulting in the best possible outcome for the IE community. While the half virtual, half face-to-face format has been difficult at times, Adriana reflects that it was the best option given the constraints—although she hopes it’s only a temporary solution.

Through her teaching, Adriana strives to create highly interactive environments where every student is an integral part of teaching. She currently teaches courses on digital economics and platforms, and also on the future society, which she believes are fundamental in today’s world. Her goal is to leave a positive mark on her students, both intellectually and with regards to their personal development and character building.

With such a varied and successful career, and evident passion for her life and work, we have no doubt she’s succeeding in doing just that.

"As much as theory is key, it becomes dust in the wind when it is not applied or implemented into a tangible end product."
Adriana Hoyos

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