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Ishita Sharma

About me

I was born in the town of Chhattisgarh in India’s so-called “rice bowl” state, but spent most of my formative years in Pune and Mumbai. My early years growing up in India had a profound impact on me—in particular, witnessing the effects international trade can have on a country’s development. That’s one of the main reasons I decided to study law at Pune University, before going on to get my LL.M in Commercial and Corporate Laws from Queen Mary University of London. I find the study of law fun and intellectually fascinating, especially now as I work towards my PhD. But there comes a time when you have to close your books and pursue other hobbies. For me, that means either cooking Indian and Spanish dishes, or getting an adrenaline rush white water rafting, bungee jumping, or skydiving.

Ishita Sharma: living life with purpose to achieve success

Professor Ishita Sharma is an adjunct professor of Business Laws at IE University, which she juggles with her PhD research on the effects of anti-competitive practices on trade in emerging economies. The balance of teaching and legal research works well for Ishita, who sees both as powerful tools for change.

Before pursuing her academic career, Ishita interned for the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Mumbai, and the Central Bank of India. After graduating from university, she pursue her Masters in Law and then joined a law firm in Mumbai. These experiences afforded her the opportunity to witness the tremendous impact law has on people’s life. It can be a major catalyst in promoting sustained development, growth, and prosperity.

This interest in the interplay between law and economics, which finds its roots in her early life in India, led her to London, where she undertook a master’s degree in Commercial and Corporate Laws. She credits this time with providing new perspectives to see the world, interacting with new backgrounds, and realizing the importance of taking a global approach to any situation—something that serves her well at IE University.

As a professor, Ishita feels a great deal of responsibility for her students. She understands that, just like law, education is a powerful tool to unlock change. She draws her motivation from helping her students become the best they can be: preparing them to thrive in their future lives and make a positive impact on the world around them.

Her personal passion for the field of law is firmly linked to her enthusiasm in the classroom. She believes that legal education instills a very particular way of approaching issues, as it requires critical-thinking skills and an innovation mindset. This can apply to any professional career, and it’s something she tries to pass on to her students.

Ishita teaches business law students from the Bachelor in Business Administration, which leads to lively class discussions. As teaching means you learn twice, she considers herself fortunate to learn every day from her students and colleagues in IE University’s unique environment.

When not educating curious minds or feeding her own, Ishita unwinds in a number of different ways. She is a keen cook, and specializes in both Indian and Spanish dishes. At other times, she can be found, brush in hand, working on a painting. However, if she’s not in the kitchen or in front of a canvas, she’s likely pursuing an interest that she developed at a young age: adventure sports. Whether rafting, bungee jumping, or skydiving, Ishita finds unique and daring ways to get her blood pumping.

Across her personal and professional life, Ishita makes the most out of the time she has available to her. It comes as no surprise then that this is her main piece of advice for students. She encourages everyone to take on a side project related to their field, or participate in clubs and competitions—to constantly challenge themselves to achieve success.

"Success can mean different things to different people. However, I have always tried to follow a formula: have a purpose to guide your actions, persistence, and determination through hard work."
Ishita Sharma

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