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Peter Boland

About me

My name is Peter Boland, and I’m a British, former languages student who fell into the world of sales and marketing after graduating. Since starting my career as a sales executive for Coca-Cola and Schweppes in the UK, I have taken on numerous roles at different brands and agencies. Nowadays,I work at a consulting firm alongside my role as a lecturer at IE University.
Throughout the years, I’ve learned how important it is to have a healthy work-life balance, and I try my best to pursue my hobbies and spend time with my family while also moving forward in my professional journey. Training people has always been an important part of my life, whether I’m coaching rugby or holding senior positions at work. That’s why transitioning into my role as an educator at IE University was so easy.

Always be on top of the game with professor Peter Boland

As a language student, Peter hadn’t always been one for sales and marketing. But that’s exactly where chance led him—with opportunities at Coca-Cola and Schweppes in his native UK. After his role as a sales executive there, he moved to Spain to be closer to his Spanish girlfriend. Then, as a commercial manager at Thames Television, Peter got a taste of the media side of the communications triangle before moving back to the UK and into the world of media agencies.

For the next eighteen years, he worked on turning media agencies into strategic partners for different brands across the globe. In 2011, though, he left the agency world, frustrated by the lack of ambition within the digital space, and by the lack of transparency in media transactions.

While he did enjoy a high level of professional success during this time, Peter also made his fair share of mistakes along the way and realized that he had to change certain aspects of his life.

Professionally, he learned to become a better listener and more tolerant of others with different abilities and motivations. As he realized the importance of being more flexible in his professional approach, he also started to become aware of the need to reintroduce himself to his personal life.

Peter realized that he’d spent several years of his life without much of a balance—work took over everything. But now, he believes that being happy is what’s most important. In 2006, he decided to make some changes, and he’s now taken rugby back up in a big way. But the bass guitar may have to wait—he jokes about being a failed bassist thanks to his broken fingers from rugby. In addition to his hobbies, Peter’s main priority is his growing children—three young adults who he wants to spend more time with. He still thinks that he takes on too much, but he enjoys almost everything he does.


Peter started his journey at IE University as an adviser at our Segovia campus and later became a substitute advertising planning teacher. Today, as a lecturer and self-described generalist, he covers a wide range of subjects in two masters and two undergraduate programs. Bachelor in Business Administration and Bachelor in Communication and Digital Media .

Doubling as the head of strategy at Nateevo, Peter can easily share the reality of the business world with his students while enhancing his own professional trajectory. He takes pride in developing students with strong analytical and creative thinking skills so that they’re prepared to hit the ground running when they join marketing or communication departments.

The benefits are mutual. Working with bright students who always challenge him keeps him on his toes and forces him to be at the top of his game—after all, as Peter says, teaching also teaches.

"Have fun. Listen, and take risks. Don’t take yourself too seriously and lean back and enjoy the music! The key to success is to Be humble. Learn from everyone around you. Always be curious and believe that the best is yet to come."
Peter Boland

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