Business Plan Challenge

The IEU Business Plan Challenge offers students the chance to pitch their start-up business ideas to the IEU community and to potential investors. This great initiative represents an opportunity for BBA students to have exposure to the world of entrepreneurship and to have a hands-on experience to explore and propose new innovative business projects.

The Rules

Who may participate?

IE University undergraduate students must have taken Introduction to Management or Organizational Management in the 1st Semester, and be selected by their respective professors to represent their class for having the best business idea. If the quality of the business ideas presented did not meet a minimum standard, the class may remain without representation in the BP Challenge.

What does the Challenge consist of?

Each selected team will have to submit an Executive Summary of their Business Plan proposal and make a Business Pitch presentation. The Executive Summary should be printed out, with 5 copies made, submitted in a Word document format, letter type Arial 12, double spaced, and be a maximum of 4 pages. Each team will have a maximum of 5 minutes to make their Business Pitch presentation and will take questions from the jury and audience for 5 more minutes maximum (time will be strictly monitored). Only one or two people from the team should present in order to stay within the time limit allowed. The business plan summary and the pitch can be done in English or in Spanish.

What is the prize?

The winning team will receive a prize of 500€ in cash to help them out in starting their new business. The second prize will be 250€ and the third 100€. All three teams will have the opportunity to meet with members of the jury (possible investors) and to be considered for further rounds of coaching and funding.

Business Plan Challenge 2015-16 Ideas!

During this year´s edition our BBA students presented their projects in an exciting round of pitches and presentations. Throughout a whole afternoon, participants had the chance to share their ideas with entrepreneurship experts. Some of the groundbreaking start-up projects presented were:

KoalaKar: conceived to provide parents with a safe and convenient private transportation method for their children at their fingertips through an app.

Doli: a new 3D printer aimed primarily at children, this is one of the first products to venture into the market of three-dimensional printing for kids.

WiiHotels: a software that manages the demands of services and needs of hotel guests.

ArtPorter: an online platform aimed at facilitating the search of art pieces for sale and connecting established physical art galleries with their worldwide customers.

Quicksip: a bottle accessory that converts any standard bottle into a convenient sports bottle.

EasyWheels: an online platform that allows people to rent a car but also to lease and share their own.

Ushield: a new cheap and elegant way to protect and personalize mobile chargers.

E-ceipts: an app and cashier system that makes electronic receipts storage possible.

DettoFatto: a new gourmet food delivery concept conceived to transform every person into a real chef at home.

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Evaluation criteria

Specific criteria that will be evaluated during the business pitches are:

  • Clearly identified niche in the market
  • Defined target market
  • Value Proposition: how does your product or service solve the problem/need?
  • Business Model: how does this business make money?
  • Management team: how are you prepared to make this business a success?
  • Investment needed to start the business, and how much are you requesting from investors?
  • Innovation
  • Presentation of a prototype
  • Web page design

Calendar of events

Professors announce selected teams representing their group. Selected teams are not obligated to participate

Beginning of February:
Deadline for business plan executive summary submission: to be delivered at the BBA Offices in Madrid or Segovia

Mid February:
Business Pitch presentations, announcement of the winning teams, and award ceremony followed by a cocktail