IE Start-Up Lab


The IE Start-Up Lab is an on-campus incubator, where professors and entrepreneurs provide students with feedback and guidance on their business plans.

Many of our students come to IE University with a business plan. The Start-Up Lab is a platform that provides training and resources, alongside access to new networks, to help you start your own company. The Start-Up Lab provides seminars and training in areas including marketing, funding, strategy and the legal aspects of starting a business. There are also practical workshops put on throughout the year, led by experts and entrepreneurs. Professors and industry professionals work with you to develop your business plan, so you can pitch to investors and launch your new venture.


IE University will inspire your entrepreneurial drive, no matter your professional path. We provide an environment out-of-the-box thinking, allowing you to unleash your creativity, and venture into the unexplored.


Entrepreneurial thinking is valuable for everyone, regardless of their career ambitions. It is at the heart of IE University as we strive to empower our students. Our goal is to develop students’ ability to think in new ways, allowing them to pursue new meaningful and socially impactful projects and initiatives.
Many of our students with to being a career in entrepreneurship. At IE University, they turn those dreams into a reality. New student-let social initiatives, projects and businesses are launched every year, wholeheartedly encouraged through access to resources and support by the university.
All our degree programs cultivate entrepreneurial skills through business and management classes. We are also strongly focused on providing a holistic, multi-perspective educational experience that gains insight and meaning through the study of the humanities.


The Start-Up Lab is an on-campus idea incubator. The student brings a solid business plan which is developed through training, resources and networks. All main start-up areas are covered, including seminars and training in marketing, funding, strategy and the legal aspects of entrepreneurship. With added practical, year-round workshops, led by professors and experts, this initiative helps students consolidate their business plan, and prepare it to be launched.



You must bring a well prepared, viable business plan, outlining your vision and adequately describing the business or initiative. Two professors will review the business plan with you, helping you to polish it and strengthen weak areas. You will also attend workshops focused on the skills that entrepreneurs need.


External experts on marketing, finance, strategy and legal aspects will work with you on the next steps, according to your business plan’s needs. You will also have privileged advice and tutorship from retired CEOs and successful entrepreneurs, who will share their wealth of knowledge and insights from personal experience.


We bring angel investors to consider the business plans that pass the first two steps. You will then pitch your business plan and, if you are successful, investors will provide funding. IE University will also work with you on all the legal aspects of setting up your business.

Meet some of our start-up lab students and learn more about their projects!


Founder at DePlastify

"Entrepreneurship is when a person takes what's in their mind and materializes it in real life."

Zoé Crochon

Founder at Stop Spying

"The start-up lab allowed us to challenge ourselves and do everything on our own."

Juan Ignacio Checa

Founder at AM Fitness Gear and Accessories

"Know what you're doing and have a plan in mind so you can start working as soon as possible and make it happen."

Emma Sutherland

Founder at Discover Art

"For me, being an entrepreneur is having good ideas and then being able to transform those abstract ideas into concrete actions."

Jason Yeager

Founder at Startup Connector

"The business itself is not something that appears in one day. It's through consistent actions every single day that you will grow your business."

María Fernández

Founder at Happy Night

"When brainstorming a business idea, think about what you're passionate about."

Bechir Thabet

Co-Founder at Fixit

"The start-up lab in itself is a really great way to learn how to build a company."

Ryan Nkwaya

Founder at Box Sue

"Entrepreneurship contributes to society because you create jobs and make a huge impact on people's lives."

Cloe Attieh

Co-Founder at Shared

"Entrepreneurship for me is changing people's lives for the better."

Xinyu Zhu

Founder at Ah Goo

"If you have a dream, the IE start-up lab will help you shape your future."