My first years at university have been an incredible experience as I have had the opportunity to meet young people from many countries, who speak different languages and who have come from different cultures. It has been an incredibly enriching experience.

Lupita, Colombia

Dual Degree in Laws and International Relations

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Lupita Prada

About me

I speak four languages: Spanish, English, French, and Italian. I love foreign policy and I’m always open to discussions. I believe that being open to different viewpoints and ways of thinking is one of the most important assets an individual could have. I am always striving to fulfill my duties as a human being, focusing especially on my Colombian hometown, Medellín. I want to make the most of my studies at IE University to help change the preconceptions of my hometown, and I hope to study a master’s in International Law or Latin American studies so that I can work for the Diplomatic Agency in Bogotá. I was also involved in Model United Nations simulations at high school, taking on a wide range of roles within the conferences. One of my main achievements is the article I wrote, “Medellín, the Phoenix” (Spanish original: Medellín como un Ave Fénix), where I asked people to overcome the stigma surrounding Medellín. I am proud to say that the article has reached audiences around the globe, and I have been congratulated by the mayor of Medellín for my work.

Lupita Prada, Colombia


Undergraduate student

Lupita has fostered an inspiring global mindset and she encapsulates the core values of IE University. Her compassion for her hometown has brought about some impressive outcomes, such as her article, “Medellín, the Phoenix” (Spanish original: Medellín como un Ave Fénix”). Thanks to her ambition and talent, Lupita has already been offered two internships, one at the Inter-American Development Bank in Washington D.C., and the other at the Agency for International Cooperation of Medellín. She now faces the important task of deciding between the two, and we are excited to see where her future goals will take her. Lupita aims to pursue a career in diplomacy, and her experience with Model United Nations simulations will definitely be a great help.

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