We don’t just want to help build champion athletes, but champion people.

Waleed , Jordan

Dual Degree in Business Administration and Laws

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Waleed Abu Nada

About me

I have always been passionate about writing and athletics. From a young age, I have strived to find ways of improving the situation in my home country, Jordan, through sports. I soon came to realize the positive impact that sports can have on youth development, and with this I wrote a book about sports-based youth development, called Implementing the SBYD Strategy, Learning Through Sports. I continued to help my community through various projects and Champ Camp was born not long after, my most impactful initiative yet. My main passion in sports has always been weightlifting and I started a varsity weightlifting club during my first year of studies at IE University. I noticed its impact on the students around me and this is where the inspiration for Champ Camp came from—an initiative motivated by the power of lifting a community up through sport.

Waleed Abu Nada, Jordan


Undergraduate student

Waleed has shown incredible initiative and compassion. He has used his position as a student at IE University to make a huge difference in his local community and has positively transformed the lives of many young talents from his home country, Jordan. Waleed has captured the essence of IE University, making the most of the opportunities around him to help the wider community. His initiative, Champ Camp, is an incredible organization which prepares young individuals to successfully enter society. While it is an Olympic weightlifting club, it also teaches members to use their education as a tool for empowerment. Waleed’s vision and his motivation to take his work into the future is inspiring, and we are very excited to see where his ambition will lead him.

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