I realize now that most of the time it is in fact ourselves who are unaware of our own potential. Nevertheless, I pushed myself to try, and now I couldn’t be happier about my decision.

Alba , Spain

Dual Degree in Business Administration and International Relations

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Alba Dieguez

About me

I’m really proud to have persevered and entered the EY Challenge. I never thought I would reach the final, let alone win! I’m grateful for the opportunities available at IE University, which helped me to perform my best in this competition. Studying at IE University requires a lot of group work and presentations, both of which were invaluable skills to have in the competition. I have a keen interest in consulting and I now have first-hand experience working as an intern at EY. I also studied abroad at McGill University in Canada. I met a lot of interesting people through both the EY Challenge and my exchange program, and found inspiration in other like-minded students. For me, these are hugely important experiences to have, which will definitely help me to achieve my career goals in the future.

Alba Dieguez, Spain


Undergraduate student

Alba has shown great determination and ambition throughout her time at IE University. Her dedication to enhancing her studies through extra-curricular activities has led to some hugely impressive achievements, most notably winning the EY Challenge. Despite not winning the challenge the first time round, her persistence and self-confidence helped her to achieve this incredible accomplishment. Now, working as an intern at EY, Alba is able to progress both academically and personally, and push her studies at IE University even further. She also participated in IE University’s exchange program, studying at McGill University in Canada and taking her studies worldwide.

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