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Following your own path and personalizing your program is an essential part of your PPLE learning journey here at IE University. Delve deeper into the areas of philosophy, politics, law or economics by choosing a specialization diploma. Through these diplomas, you’ll form a strong professional profile, making you a very desirable candidate in each of these fields. By specializing, you’ll learn from industry experts, top academics, and real-world professionals who will help prepare you to tackle the most complex challenges in each of these areas.

Students complete their specialization diploma in their final year, but you can begin to explore your preferred area from the very first semester of your first year by participating in specific activities, seminars, personalized career guidance, mentoring programs and much more. Here at IE University, we encourage you to select your own pathway, thereby tailoring your experience to your passions and future career from the moment you arrive. You’ll also be assigned your own personal advisor to guide you through this process, helping you make informed decisions every step of the way.

Additionally, if you’ve discovered a passion for law and want to pursue a career in the legal sphere, you may want to enroll in the Dual Degree in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics + Bachelor of Laws. Expand your opportunities in the legal profession by completing this dual degree—it takes just one extra year.

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PPLE & Diploma in Politics – Become an agent of change

By studying this diploma, you will deepen your understanding of what it takes to develop a career in the international public sphere, exploring complex areas such as international politics, global development and multinational organizations. This diploma will cover a wide range of challenges that the world is facing, with a special focus on area studies, foreign policy and political theory.

Customize your program by opting for popular courses on subjects such as geopolitics, foreign policy, project evaluation and assessment, public diplomacy and nation branding, new technologies, GovTech, and area studies, among others.

You will acquire the skills to spearhead global progress by developing skills such as advocacy, negotiation, persuasion and leadership. Throughout the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics & the Diploma in Politics you will gain an understanding of the public sphere and become an agent of change.

PPLE & Diploma in Economics- Become an international economics expert

This diploma will provide you with the skills necessary to understand the underlying principles of economics in a complex global environment. You’ll have the opportunity to examine economic policy, country risk analysis or the strategic sectors, all while building on the multidisciplinary knowledge you’ll have acquired during the first three years of the PPLE program.

You’ll be able to study top courses on digital economics, behavioral economics, advanced econometrics, economic nudging and policy design, or machine learning and analytics for economists, among others.

You’ll also develop sought-after skills such as evidence-driven decision-making, collective problem solving, and data visualization.

Use your analytical skills to drive economic growth and efficiency. Thanks to this diploma, you’ll be ready to develop a career as an economic consultant, a country or sector analyst, or an economic advisor, for example.

By undertaking the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law and Economics with the Diploma in Economics, you’ll have the tools to analyze global economic problems, evaluate the impact of policies and, with a data-driven approach, make proposals to stimulate economic growth.

PPLE & Diploma in Philosophy – Become a problem solver in a fast changing world

This diploma builds on the rigorous intellectual training characteristic of the PPLE. Apply your analytical skills and abstract reasoning to address the fundamental questions that arise in other disciplines such as business, computer sciences, politics, law and economics, to name a few.

By learning how to adopt logical thinking and present new hypotheses and solutions to problems, you’ll be ready to pursue a career in the different fields represented in the program such as policymaking, strategic consultancy, law, economic strategy, and academia.

By studying both the philosophy of language and of mathematics, students will be well-equipped to tackle the digital future. You can access courses such as applied ethics or moral philosophy so that you’ll be able to analyze current issues such as privacy, artificial intelligence, identity, and more.

PPLE & Diploma on Global Law- Impact society by promoting justice and equality

This diploma amplifies the legal knowledge you’ll have acquired during the first three years of the program.

The courses within this diploma follow a comparative law methodology in which students learn about global concepts by comparing different legal systems. Comparative law fosters creative minds, as students are encouraged to challenge the solutions provided by various legal systems and offer alternative answers. In a global legal context that is constantly evolving, a creative mind—equipped with solid legal knowledge from various jurisdictions—will provide students with a competitive advantage.

You’ll participate in the most prestigious moot court competitions and study exciting courses in the areas of digital law, business law and human rights.

Additionally, you’ll develop desirable skills such as persuasion, advocacy and creative legal thinking.

Make a positive impact on society by promoting the rule of law. Thanks to the Bachelor in Philosophy, Politics, Law & Economics with the Diploma in Global Law, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a leading professional with sharp legal skills to work across all borders.