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Adam Magdar


Adam Magdar



Mr. Adam Madgar has been teaching economics part time while working in various professional roles across a wide array of industries. He taught undergraduate microeconomics and macroeconomics at Kent State University for 5 years before advancing to teach economic environment & country economic analysis at the masters’ level at IE, where he has been teaching at now going into his third year. He has 21 years of professional work experience ranging from engineering design (where he holds one patent in the US for a ‘nail press’) to director level positions throughout supply chain and operations management. Having worked for large Fortune 100 companies such as GE and Halliburton to small startups such Millwood Inc., where he currently works, Adam has an extensive background in applied theory in the workplace. A lifelong learner and believer in continuous improvement, he is constantly looking to grow and hone his skills, studying new theories and hypotheses in the business setting in an attempt to determine their practical application under less controlled environments. His passion remains centered around the field of economics where he believes now more than ever, a greater understanding and awareness is required as it pertains to tradeoffs and externalities, along with the ‘true costs’ resulting from the decisions that we make and how these impact all those around us and in what manner.

Corporate Experience

• Strategic Business Unit Manager, Millwood Inc., USA, 2018-Present

• Global Manufacturing Director, Permasteelisa, USA, 2015-2018

• Jet Research Center Manager, Halliburton, USA, 2013-2015

• Corporate Finance Master Six Sigma Black Belt, Cameron ‘a Schlumberger Co’, USA, 2010-2013

• Director of Process Technology, Millwood Inc., USA, 2005-2010

• Corporate Six Sigma Black Belt, MACtac ‘a Bemis Co’, USA, 2003-2005

• Six Sigma / Lean Manufacturing Black Belt, G.E., USA, 1999-2003

Academic Experience

•  Adjunct Professor of Economics, IE Business School, Spain, 2018-Present

•  Adjunct Level II Professor of Economics, Kent State University, USA, 2005-2010

Academic Background

• E.M.B.A., IE Business School / Brown University, Spain / USA, 2018

• Strategic Decision & Risk Management Certificate, Stanford, USA, 2014

• Executive Certificate in HR Leadership, Cornell, USA, 2013

• Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certificate, Villanova, USA, 2011

• M.A. Financial Economics, Kent State University, USA, 2004

• M.B.A., Youngstown State University, USA, 2001

• B.E. Electrical Engineering, Youngstown State University, USA 2000