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Álvaro García Soto


Álvaro García Soto


Accounting & Management Control

Álvaro García Soto possesses more than 25 years of experience exploring the financial area of companies, combined with teaching Accounting and Finance at IE Business School, ICADE and other universities like PBS in Perú. Alvaro considers this double facet a very good experience and combination for applying financial analysis to the business world and vice-versa.

Almost ten years as a financial analyst in three prestigious and top financial European institutions such as the Sabadell Group, La Caixa and Bestinver, and his beginnings in Financial Control at the investment bank J.P Morgan, have allowed him to acquire a solid and practical knowledge of the financial world that he enjoys transmitting in his seminars and courses of Accounting and Financial Analysis. Moreover, he keeps in touch with the financial world and the real economy as investor, and adviser of different companies and supporting entrepreneurial initiatives.

Professor García Soto combined these activities with his role as Executive Director of the Global MBA at IE Business School for almost 10 years. Later he has been Academic Director of different Executive Education programs and Corporate MBA programs at IE. He could lead these projects due to his expertise in blended education as alumni, professor, designer and manager of programs with e-learning component and delivery which requires the use of different technologies and innovation combined with on-site activities in different cities around the world. The Global MBA was recognized as the top Online MBA program in the World by Financial Times and QS Top MBA rankings issued in 2011-2016 during while Alvaro was the Executive Director of the program.

Álvaro holds a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration (specialized in Finance) Universidad Pontificia de Comillas-ICADE and an International Executive MBA from IE Business School. Professor García Soto´s goal is to achieve his students lose the fear but not the respect for numbers, that they become capable of learning the financial and accounting language and to read and interpret financial statements. He tries to accomplish this challenge day by day during his lectures, arousing interest and getting his students to feel pleasure for learning.

Corporate Experience

• Academic Director of Saudi Aramco MBA program at IE Business School (2019-present)

• Academic Director of Corporate Senior Management Program at IE Business School – Executive Education – (2018 – present) with Applus+

• Executive Director of the Global MBA at the IE Business School (2009-2014) – Associate Director of Global MBA at IE Business School (2006-2009)

• Entrepreneur, founder, counselor and financial advisor of B-sign Accessories -Project awarded with the First Prize Lease Plan – Venture Lab – IE Business School (Entrepreneurship) in 2005

• Financial counselor and advisor: Blynk Organics (USA), E-Valora Financial Services SL (Europe and MEA), Foundation A Moverse – (Spain and Latin-America) (2000-present), FinancIEros Sin Fronteras (Europe and Africa) (2014-present)

• Equtiy Financial analyst at: Ibersecurities S.V. (Group Banco Sabadell), InverCaixa S.V. (Group La Caixa) y Bestinver S.V. (Group Acciona) (1996-2005)

• Control and Accounting junior at J.P. Morgan, Madrid (1994-1996)

Academic Experience

• Adjunct Professor of Financial Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis at IE Business School (2006-present)

• Visiting Professor of Financial Accounting and Financial Statements Analysis at Universidad del Pacífico (Lima, Peru) and Universitá Commerciale Luigi Bocconi (Milan, Italy) (2014-present)

• Assistant Professor of Financial Accounting. Universidad de Comillas – ICADE – Madrid (1994-1996)

• Award as Best Professor MBA part-time programs – (December 2007, July 2009, May 2010, May 2013, December 2017)

• Award as Best Professor of Master programs IE Business School (December 2019)

• Awards to the Excellence in Teaching issued by the Dean of Faculty Office of IE Business School (2007-2019) and IE University (2017-2019)

• Author of cases, multimedia cases and technical notes at IE Business School

Academic Background

• Candidate PhD – IE University (2013 – 2015). Pre-thesis dissertation and Advanced Studies Diploma (2014)

• International Executive MBA at the IE Business School

• Candidate for the CFA title (Chartered Financial Analyst), AIMR, USA.

• Degree in Business Administration, Specialized in Finance, at the Universidad Pontificia de Comillas-ICADE, Madrid, Spain