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Antonio Zamora García


Antonio Zamora García



Antonio Zamora is partner and CEO at MacroYield and partner at MBIT School. With more than twenty years of experience in the financial sector as a macroeconomist and a market strategist, Zamora has been mainly involved in the intersection of Macroeconomics and Financial Markets and has recently developed a deep interest in Data Science. He has been an analyst at Analistas Financieros Internacionales, Head of Research at Banco Urquijo, Head of Research and Strategy at Banco Madrid and Head of Market Strategy at Ahorro Corporación Financiera, and he has been teaching at IE Business School for more than ten years. Professor Zamora holds a master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Financial Markets (BME/MBIT School) an executive MBA (IE Business School), an Advanced Studies Degree on International Economic Policy Research (Kiel Institute for the World Economy), a M. Sc. in Economics (Complutense Univ.) and a M. Sc. in Sociology (Complutense University).

Corporate Experience

• CEO and Founder, MacroYield, Spain, 2017-Present

• Partner and Business Developer, MBIT School, Spain, 2019

• Head of Market Strategy, Ahorro Corporación Financiera, Spain, 2015-2017

• Head of Research and Strategy, Banco Madrid, Spain, 2012-2015

• Senior Strategist, Banco Sabadell, Spain, 2010-2012

• Head of Market Strategy, Banco Urquijo, Spain, 1999-2009

• Head of International Markets, Analistas Financieros Internacionales, Spain, 1994-1999

Academic Experience

• Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance, IE Business School, Spain, 2003-Present

• Associate Professor of Finance, Analistas Financieros Internacionales, Spain, 2019

Academic Background

• Master in Artificial Intelligence Applied to Financial Markets, BME/MBIT School, Spain, 2018-2019

• Executive MBA in Business Administration, IE Business School, Spain, 2001-2002

• Advanced Studies Degree on International Economic Policy Research, Kiel Institute for the World Economy, Germany, 1992-1993

• Sc. in Economics, Complutense Univ., Spain, 1984-1989

• Sc. in Sociology, Complutense Univ., Spain, 1983-1989