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Berend van der Kolk


Berend Van der Kolk


Accounting & Management Control

Dr. Berend van der Kolk is an Assistant Professor in the department of Accounting and Management Control. He is interested in understanding the role of performance measurement systems in organizations and their social and ethical implications. His research is published in international academic journals, such as European Accounting Review (EAR), Management Accounting Research (MAR), Accounting Education (AE), and Financial Accountability and Management (FAM), and featured in outlets such as Holland Management Review and The Guardian. In 2020, Berend was included in the Thinkers50 Radar list: a select group of academics and practitioners “whose work will shape the future of how organisations are managed and led”.

Berend van der Kolk holds a University Teaching Qualification from the Netherlands and is experienced in teaching management accounting, management control, financial accounting and business ethics in regular and executive programs, and has supervised numerous thesis projects. Previously, he held teaching positions at the University of Groningen and the London School of Economics and published teaching cases via IE publishing and Ivey Publishing. In his teaching, he seeks to encourage students to critically reflect on taken-for-granted ideas and assumptions in the fields of management and economics, and to understand the ethical implications of business decisions.

Academic Background

• PhD, Economics and Business, University of Groningen

• Visiting Research Scholar, London School of Economics

• Visiting Research Scholar, University of Sydney

• BA, Philosophy of Social Sciences, University of Groningen

• MSc, Business Administration, University of Groningen

• MSc, Accounting and Control, University of Groningen

• BSc, Accounting and Control, University of Groningen

Academic Experience

• Assistant Professor, IE Business School, IE University, Madrid (2016 – present)

• Guest Lecturer, London School of Economics (2020)

• Lecturer, University of Groningen (2010-2016)

Selected Publications

  • Van der Kolk, B., Van VeenDirks, P., Ter Bogt, H. (2019). “The Impact of Management Control on Employee Motivation and Performance in the Public Sector”. Forthcoming in European Accounting Review. https://doi.org/10.1080/09638180.2018.1553728
  • Van der Kolk, B., P.M.G. van Veen-Dirks and H.J. ter Bogt (2020). “How Combinations of Control Elements Create Tensions and How These Can Be Managed: An Embedded Case Study”. Forthcoming in Management Accounting Research.
  • Van Elten, H.J., B. van der Kolk and S. Sülz (2020). “Do Different Uses of Performance Measurement Systems in Hospitals Yield Different Outcomes?” Forthcoming in Health Care Management Review, forthcoming.  https://doi.org/10.1097/HMR.0000000000000261
  • Van der Kolk, B. (2019). “Ethics Matters: The Integration of Ethical Considerations in Management Accounting Textbooks”. Accounting Education, vol. 28(4), pp. 426-443.