César Moreno Pascual

He has more than 25 years of business experience running his own Legal advice by telephone and Internet Company for 8 years, managing areas and being in the steering committee of several companies in the Financial and Insurance sector and Entertainment. He also developed industrial and consulting projects in several countries as Egypt or Portugal. Currently, he teaches at IE university and other Universities and is a business consultant, having participated in the development of many technological products. Some of them are related with industrial R&D companies, having achieved the best recognition in EU H2020 programs.  He is shareholder of some of the spin-off companies of those R&D projects, participating in their steering committees.

Corporate Experience

• Owner_Blue Insights 2011(2011_now)

• CEO_ Joint venture Bwin_ Orenes_Franco (2010)

• Marketing Vice-president_ Monty Global payments (2005_2010)

• Reale Seguros_ Services CEO ( 2001_2005)

• Legaltia Technologies_CEO&Owner (1995_2001)

Academic Experience

• Adjunct Professor of Marketing, IE Business School, Spain, 2016-Present

• Professor of Big Data, YFV, Spain, 2017_present

• Professor Entrepreneurship, UC3M, 2011_present

Academic Background

• Ph.D. in Business and Economics (2015)

• M.B.A at IESE Business School (2010)

• Bachelor of Law (UNED) (1999)

• Civil Engineer (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) (1995)

Last Name
Moreno Pascual