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Emmanouil Avgerinos


Emmanouil Avgerinos


Operations & Technology

Associate Professor, Operations & Technology

Emmanouil Avgerinos is an Associate Professor of Decision Sciences in the Operations and Technology area at IE Business School. Prior to joining IE, he earned his PhD in Operations Management from UCL School of Management. He also holds a Master of Science in Operations Research from Columbia University in New York and an Advanced Diploma (equivalent to Master of Science) in Electrical and Computer Engineering from National Technical University of Athens.

Emmanouil’s research focuses on how team, task and workforce dynamics affect performance in healthcare and professional service operations and organizational decision making under uncertainty. He combines operations management, organizational and behavioural domains to develop theories and employ econometric models to better understand individual, team and organizational performance in knowledge intensive environments and offers nuanced approaches on how managers can make optimal use of team, task, workload and workforce allocation strategies to promote productivity and service quality.

He joined IE Business School in 2016 and teaches Quantitative Methods for International MBA and Master in Management. He has also taught at University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, London Business School and Trinity College Dublin. In the classroom he has embraced motivation, enthusiasm, simplicity and relevance to practice as his qualities: “Our main duty as academics is to equip our students with the necessary tools in order to help them become future business leaders. Students therefore expect to learn in class how to approach and solve real-life business problems and a tutor should always keep that in mind when delivering a Management related course”.

Academic Background

• PhD in Operations Management, UCL School of Management (London)

• MS in Operations Research, The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Columbia University (New York)

• Advanced Diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering, National Technical University of Athens, (Greece)

Academic Experience

• IE Business School

• University College London

• London School of Economics and Political Science

• London Business School

• Trinity College Dublin

Latest Publications

• Avgerinos, E., Gokpinar B. Fragkos I. (2020).“The Effect of Failure on Individual Performance over Time: The Case of Cardiac Surgery Operations”. Journal of Operations Management, Vol. 66 (4) 441-463

• Avgerinos E., Fragkos I., Huang Y. (2020). “Team Familiarity in Cardiac Surgery Operations: The Effect of Hierarchy and Failure on Team Productivity”. Human Relations, Vol.73 (9) 1278-1307

• Avgerinos, E., Gokpinar B. (2018). “Task Variety in Professional Service Work: When It Helps and When It Hurts”. Production and Operations Management, Vol. 27 (7) 1368-1389

• Avgerinos, E., Gokpinar B.(2017). “Team Familiarity and Productivity in Cardiac Surgery Operations: The Effect of Dispersion, Bottlenecks and Task Complexity”. Manufacturing and Service Operations Management, Vol. 19(1) 19-35