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Fabio Feriozzi


Fabio Feriozzi



Assistant Professor, Finance

The main research interests of Fabio Feriozzi are in Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance. He is particularly interested in the determinants of managerial pay and the role of boards. More recently Fabio has also started to work on banking issues related to bank liquidity and interbank markets. His research has been presented at several international conferences and universities, as well as at major banking institutions such as the BIS, the ECB, and the New York Fed.

Fabio holds a PhD in Economics from “Universidad Carlos III de Madrid”, and prior to joining IE has been an Assistant Professor of Finance at Tilburg University, where he has taught Corporate Finance courses to both graduate and undergraduate students. As a trained economist, in his classes Fabio emphasizes the basic principles at work behind even complex financial phenomena. The use of real-world examples and cases is then the best way of getting the students involved in lively yet rigorous discussions, from which everyone, including the teacher, can learn.

Academic Background

• PhD in Economics, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain)

• MSc in Economics, Coripe Piemonte (Italy)

• BA in Economics, Universitá degli Studi G.d’Annunzio (Italy)

Academic Experience

• Assistant Professor of Finance, IE, Madrid, 2013 to present

• Assistant Professor of Finance, Tilburg University, the Netherlands, 2007 to 2013

Latest Publications


  • Castiglionesi, F., Feriozzi, F. & Lorenzoni, G. (2018). “Financial Integration and Liquidity Crises”. Management Science, Vol. 65(3): 955-1453
  • Feriozzi, F. (2015). “Career Concerns and Product Market Competition”. Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, Vol. 25(2): 370-399
  • Castiglionesi, F., Feriozzi, F., Loranth, G., et al. (2014). “Liquidity Coinsurance and Bank Capital”. Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Vol. 46(2-3): 409-443