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José Antonio Martínez Marcos


José Antonio Martínez Marcos



Jose Antonio Martinez’s professional life has always been spinning around strategy. His 15-year experience in the Strategy Department of Accenture has allowed him to develop an integrated vision of the strategic roadmap at all levels of the organization, from corporate business plans to divisional/department strategies.

With major experience in top companies from a wide range of industries (telecom, media, high-tech…), Professor Martinez has defined strategic marketing programs, operational strategy and cross-company initiatives aiming at the global transformation of the corporation and the optimization of the customer experience. And as an indispensable complement in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of the strategic process, he has worked directly on the field with the customers in the implementation of most of those strategies, leading project management and change management initiatives through a hands-on and results-driven approach.

His experience throughout his consulting career has led him to a logical, but not always so evident, conclusion: “STRATEGY is not about complex theories or frameworks; it’s something we all use more often than we think, in so many aspects of life, although we may not be aware of it. It’s about bringing order out of chaos, it’s about collecting all that mess of ideas, facts and pieces of knowledge, and providing them with a structure and sequence which let us decide WHERE WE WANT TO REACH and HOW WE WANT TO DO IT”.

Corporate Experience

• Strategy Senior Manager, Accenture, Spain, 1999-2014

• Freelance Business Consultant, Spain, 2014-present day

Academic Experience

•  Adjunct Professor of Strategy in Graduate and Undergraduate Programs, IE Business School, Spain, 2012-present day

• Associate Professor of Strategic Management, Deusto Business School, Spain, 2004-present day

• Coaching and training in leading Spanish and multinational corporations, 1999-present day

Academic Background

• Executive MBA in Business Administration, IE Business School, Spain, 2007

• Bachelor in Business Administration, Deusto Business School, Spain, 1999