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Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere


Juan Pablo Vázquez Sampere


Operations & Technology

Dr. Juan Pablo Vazquez Sampere joined IE Business School in 2006. His research is focused on using innovation to increase the success rate of both entrepreneurs and corporate ventures. To do that Dr. Vazquez has developed new and innovative research practices that are capable of not only explaining why companies are successful but also predicting how to make them successful again.

Dr. Vazquez is active in Executive Education and teaches a highly demanded course on Disruptive Innovation in the MBA program. He is focused on teaching Innovation with the sole objective that his students are equipped with unique tools that make them see the causal mechanisms that generate change and new opportunities before others.

Corporate Experience

• 2007. Co- founder, SANAVOX, S.L.

• 2004. Co- founder, STRATEMIC, S.L.

• 2001-2002. Senior Product Manager, LA VANGUARDIA

• 2000-2001. Strategy Consultant, ICON MEDIALAB

• 1997-1999. Strategy Consultant, EUROPRAXIS GROUP

Academic Experience

• International MBA: Using Disruptive Innovation to Revolutionize Business Models

• Executive MBA Course: Managing Innovation

• Executive MBA Course: Managing Disruptive Innovation

• Executive Education: Top Management Seminar: Disruptive Innovation

Academic Background

• 2005 – 2014. PhD in Business Administration, Universidad Complutense

• 2005 – 2007. Management Research, Harvard University

• 2003 – 2004. Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.)

• 1993 – 1997. Degree in Business Administration, European University

Other information of interest


Frequent contributor for Thompson Reuters, theinformation.com, Expansión and El Economista. He is also a frequent contributor to the Harvard Business Review Blog where he applies the concepts of Disruptive Innovation to current managerial challenges.

Editorial Positions:

• Reviewer: Strategic Management Journal

• Reviewer: The Journal of Product Innovation Management

• Reviewer: Administrative Sciences Association of Canada

Appoinments and Awards:

• 2008 – 2013. External Expert in the European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT)

• Best teacher award in 2007 and 2012


• Keynote Speaker at Madrid Fusion Annual Conference, October 2011. Presentation Title: “You are a Genius… but Nobody Will Remember You”

• Keynote Speaker European Business Network (EBN) Annual Congress, June 2010. Presentation Title: “Revitalizing Europe: How to Speed Up Europe’s Growth Rate Using Business Model Innovation”

• Darden Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference April 2010 – presenting the paper “Uncovering the High-End Disruption Mechanism: When the Traditional Start-up Wins”

• Forum of Media and Entertainment (AGAPI) 2010 – Internet Commercial Strategies for Media

• International Forum of Digital Contents (Ficod) 2009 – The Future of Banking

• International Forum of Digital Contents (Ficod) 2008 – Using Contents to Create and Monetize Customers

• “Disruptive Innovation to Create Growth and Reduce Costs” IMADE (Madrid Regional Government)

• Conferences on Disruptive Innovation given to Bankinter, Banesto, AXA, Banco Popular, Grupo BMN, Repsol, CEPSA and Medtronic

Selected Publications and Research:

• Customer Complaints Are a Lousy Source of Start-Up Ideas, Harvard Business Review Blog (June 6th, 2014)

• Untangling the Mechanism of Startup Success: The Relationship between Interdependence and Radical Technologies. Paper sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation and presented at the Strategic Management Society 34th Annual International Conference Madrid (2014)

• It is Not About the Data It is About the Microscope: How to Use Multi Methods to Develop Causal Theories. Paper accepted at the Strategic Management Society 34th Annual International Conference Madrid (2014)

• Generating Data on What Customers Really Want, Harvard Business Review Blog (May 6th, 2014)

• Why Consumer Tech Is So Irritatingly Incremental, Harvard Business Review Blog (April 11th, 2014)

• Alibaba: The First Real Test for Amazon’s Business Model, Harvard Business Review Blog (January 21st, 2014)

• How the Evolution of Science Will Transform Business Schools. Journal of Management Development (2014)

• When Startups Must Be Interdependent to Succeed. Paper accepted at the Strategic Management Society Special Conference Tel- Aviv (2014)

• How the Evolution of Science Will Transform Business Schools. February 2013. SSRN. Listed as a Top 10 Paper for Journal of IRPN: Other Innovation & Management Science

• Uncovering the High End Disruption Mechanism: When the Traditional Start Up Wins. Chapter 8. Global Perspectives on Technological Innovation, Management and Policy. 2012, Volume 1. Ed. Ran, Bing. Pennsylvania State University at Harrisburg, Information Age Publishing

• Entrepreneur: This is the Best Time Ever to Create a New Bank. El Confidencial Newspaper, November 1st (2011)

• The “Cause of the Cause” or Why It’s So Difficult to Grow Through Innovation in Europe, European Commission. Common Strategic Framework Open Public Consultation (May 2011)

• The First “KIC”, EIT, Strategic Innovation Agenda (SIA) Open Public Consultation (June 2011)

• Uncovering the High-End Disruption Mechanism: When the Traditional Start-up Wins. University of Virginia Darden Graduate School of Business. Entrepreneurship and Innovation Research Conference (April 2010)

• The Contingent Solution to the Innovator’s Dilemma. Accepted to the Academy of Management (2010)

• How to Unlock the Spanish Capitalist Forces, Expansión (August 2009)

• How to Make Consumption Soar, El Economista (June 2009)

• Cost Reduction and Low-End Disruption: Two Sides of the Same Coin, Innoblog (July 2009)

• How Innovation Killed Lehman Brothers, Expansión (September 2008)

• The Financial Crisis and the Spanish Economic Model, Expansión (October 2008)

• How the Basque Country can be the Spanish Innovation Leader, Expansión (June 2008)

• How to Use Disruptive Innovation to Outsmart Your Competitors, Innoblog (December 2008)

• Making Better Golf Players – The limits of Individual Learning, Revista de Empresa (2007)

• What is Windows Vista For, Strategy & Innovation, HBSP & Innosight (2007)

• When the Disruptor Breaks the Ceiling, Innosight Weblog (January 2006)

• Cómo Pensar y hacia donde Mirar para Capturar la siguiente Ola de Crecimiento, Working Paper (March 2006)

• Estrategia y Estructura Organizativa, Un Enfoque Deductivo, Working Paper (January 2006)

• Raise Cash and Stay Home, Harvard Business School Working Knowledge (August 27th, 2001)

• La Relación entre el Comportamiento del Consumidor y la Estrategia de E-Commerce, Iconoclastas (May 2001)

• Visitas y ventas siguen los mismos patrones de comportamiento, Iconoclastas (October 2000)

• La fidelización a través del modelo de negocio, Iconoclastas (June 2000)

• Pero… ¡si ambos caminos son rentables! Iconoclastas (January 2000)

• Are we playing with the right cards?, European Investment Bank Paper (February 1999)