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Pablo Monfort Vinuesa


Pablo Monfort Vinuesa


Information Systems & Technology

Pablo is a Senior Data Scientist, who has worked for McKinsey for 4 years after obtaining his PhD in Mathematics. In 2017 he founded his own company focused on Advance Analytics, Big Data and Machine Learning, Canalyticals.

He is a specialist in mathematical modeling, clustering, machine learning, data mining and programming languages such as R or Python. He has been supporting several major client engagements by developing predictive models and data analysis. Pablo worked at the National Institute of Statistics (INE) as well.

Examples of his work include:

– Implementation of 4G telephony for a company leading Asian telecommunications.

– Clustering client base card of a major European bank.

– Prediction model for churned clients in Latin America telephone company.

– Sales analysis of a prominent Spanish textile company by segmenting its costume base and launch a product recommendation engine.

Corporate Experience

• Senior data scientist, McKinsey, Spain, 2014-1017

• Founder, Canalyticals, Spain, 2017 – today

Academic Experience

• Professor, University of Extremadura, 2010 – 2014

• Professor, IE University, 2017 – today

• Visiting professor, CEU, 2016 – today

• Visiting professor, ICADE BS, 2018 – today

Academic Background

• D. in Mathematics, University of Extremadura, Spain, 2014

• Degree in Statistics, University of Extremadura, Spain, 2009

• Degree in Mathematics, University of Extremadura, Spain, 2008