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Paz Ambrosy Eyzaguirre


Paz Ambrosy Eyzaguirre



Paz Ambrosy has been developing an extent career in the Private Equity and Advisory of SME´s space including the funding of many of them in Europe and Other Markets such as Canada and Latin America.

She is founding partner of Global Institutional Investors ( now Cuantia Capital) and Quadra Capital partners as part of her entrepreneurial mindset. They have several funds in agriculture, Technology and Growth. Also she is an investor of several Search Funds.

Also she has published some works in Sustainability and agricultural investment. These articles has been a result of some recent investments she has done in the agricultural space.

Also in 2016 she published a  paper  that was called: ESG factors and risk-adjusted performance: a new quantitative model. alongside with Granito Partners and some of her students.

She participates in several conferences of Alternative investments and Family Offices all over the world.

Academic Experience

• Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship and Finance, IE Business School, Spain, 2000-Present.

• Assistant Professor of Finance and Private Equity, Master MFIA, BME, Spain, 2009-Present.

• Assistant Professor of Finance and Private Equity, Master of Stock Markets and Banking System, CUNEF, Spain, 2019-Present.

Academic Background

• PhD Candidate for business. Manchester University. 2017.

• MBA IE Business School. IE Business School. 1999.

• BA in Law. Universidad Autónoma. Madrid. 1997.