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Pedro Cecilio Corrales Rodriguez


Pedro Cecilio Corrales Rodriguez



Pedro Cecilio Corrales is an IE Adjunct Professor in Entrepreneurship area since 2009. He has worked in various management positions in Marketing area in companies like Heineken, Parmalat or Forlasa. He also collaborates with the NGO Fundación Create for entrepreneurs development in Primary Education.

Corporate Experience

• 2012: Responsible for the new business models, Heineken

• 2009: Coffee in SIH Commercial Director, Heineken

• 2005: Canned Marketing Director, Pita Hermanos

• 2003: Commercial Director refreshing drinks and juices, Parmalat

• 2001: International Marketing Manager Spain & Portugal Häagen Dazs and Old El Paso, GM

• 1999: Marketing Director, Fuente Liviana

• 1994: Trade Marketing Manager, Manager Specialties, Project Manager, Heineken

Academic Experience

• 2012: Create Foundation Contributing to development NGOs entrepreneurs Primary School

• 2009: Professor of Entrepreneurship in IE

• 2009: Professor of Marketing at the EOI

• 2009: Lecturer in Project Management and Evaluation at the U. Nebrija

• 1994: Lecturer in Entrepreneurial Management at IE

Academic Background

• 2008: A.M.P. IE in Madrid

• 1994: M.B.A. IE in Madrid

• 1991-93: PhD Courses by U. of St. Andrews in Scotland

• 1986-91: Bachelor of Science Filosofiea (Logic) by the U. Autónoma Madrid

• 1986-89: Diploma in Education and Psychology Cª U. Pontificia de Salamanca

• 1987-89: Technical Specialist in Management, INFP Rondilla


• Teaching Excellence Award 2011, 2012 and 2013 (IE)

• Innoforum the Innovative Concept Award “Limited CUCA” (Gastronomic Forum, 2005)

• Best Promo Prize Pack for Winter campaign Häagen Dazs (Food 2002)

• Strategic Best Campaign Award “Think Green, Heineken” (Rev. Strategy, 1997)

• Best Project Award of Entrepreneurship (IE 1994)