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Pedro Sanz Laguens


Pedro Sanz Laguens


Operations & Technology

With an entrepreneurial soul and a social and teaching vocation, his career has been developed around four areas of interest, in which he is looking for every day to continue learning: business, data, people development, and social impact.

His first fifteen years of professional life were dedicated to starting several businesses up, mainly in the telecommunications services and maintenance services sectors, where the optimization of resources and operations were necessary to achieve profitability, being the Data Analysis his main tool for decision making.

In 2006, he began to balance his professional activity and his vocation, collaborating in the professional development of people from the knowledge gathered throughout his professional experience as an entrepreneur and executive director.

Aware that after data analysis and decision making, for the implementation of decisions, it is vitally important to manage people, he deepened in this area during the next few years, working on the development of people as an executive coach and human resources management skills professor.

He combines his coaching and teaching activity with direct contact with the company as an advisor of management boards, analyzing data and helping decision-making and its implementation keeping the human factor in mind.

He is connected to the social projects and impact investment at CREAS Foundation, where he launched a small Social Seed Capital fund.

Corporate Experience

• Managing Partner of Talent Management and Innovation, Albor Crecimiento Empresarial, Spain, 2016-Present.

• Director of the Advanced Management Program Zaragoza, IE Business School, Spain, 2011-Present

• Member of the advisory board, Fundación Creas, Spain, 2013-Present

• Co-founder, Empresas con Alma, Spain, 2009-Present

• Mentor of entrepreneurial projects, Youth Business Spain, Spain, 2016-2018

• Managing Director of Business Development, Ingeniería Tecnológica de Aragon, Spain, 2007-2011.

• CEO, Distribuidora Aragonesa de Telecomunicaciones, Spain, 1993-2006

Academic Experience

• Adjunct Professor of Data Analysis and Decision Making, IE Business School, Spain, 2018-Present

• Adjunct Professor, Team Management, IE Business School, Spain, 2015-Present

• Visiting Professor, Team Management, Zaragoza Logistic Center, ZLC, Spain, 2015-2017

• Visiting Professor, Social Sciences Faculty of Zaragoza University, Spain, 2014-Present

Academic Background

• Advanced Management Program, IE Business School, Spain, 2009

• Program in Management of Big Data and Business Analytics, IE Business School, Spain, 2017

• Industrial Engineering, University of Zaragoza, Spain, 1991

• Teaching Certificate for the doctoral program in project management, University of Zaragoza, Spain, 2005

• Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching certified coach, Spain, 2017

• Coach certified in CDR-3 Dimensional Evaluation, Spain 2017