Humans of IE

We’re active. We’re out there. We’re future focused with forward momentum. We’re a single entity of jaw-dropping ideas, an exciting range of experiences.

Our people in all their diversity. Our people in all their exceptionality. Our people make us who we are, so we made a place for them. We are IE Business School.

Luis Andrés, Honduras

Investment Officer, Structured Finance - BCIE
“I believe that academics is only a part of the whole master’s experience—the other part involves exploring your interests through extracurricular activities and the clubs IE University has to offer.”
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Andrea, Ecuador

Chief Financial Officer, Supermercados Peruanos S.A
"Learning from a global network impacted how I now see opportunities across the world; what I learned from my colleagues was meaningful as a business leader."
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Luis, Spain

Product Marketing at L’Oréal Spain and Portugal
“I decided to study the Master in Management in order to deepen my understanding of the business world, so that I could then work in the marketing department of a multinational company.”
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Elisa, Italy

Digital Retail Learning Manager
“Make sure to spend equal time to study and create your network of people.”
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Margarida, Portugal

Graduate student
“I want to be in a profession that fulfills and stimulates me, not only on the technical side, but also my creativity.”
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Anna, Russia

Banking Analyst, Citi
“I think IE University is the best and safest environment to explore new things. And who knows? Maybe you will find something you’re really passionate about.”
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Anna, Canada

Graduate student
“As an analyst, one has to constantly learn, adapt and be curious about new trends, new business models to finance impactful companies.”
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Antonio, United States

Master’s student
“The Master in Finance program at IE Business School far exceeded my expectations.”
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Frederique, The Netherlands

Master’s student
“It’s always the people who make a good place great, and there are some amazing people to be found at IE University.”
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Nicole, United States

Master’s student
“I love that there is a diverse student body and that each person brings their own perspective, knowledge and expertise.”
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Sasha, Lebanon

Master’s student
“What has enriched my experience the most has been working and studying alongside a very diverse body of students and professors from whom I have learned so much.”
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Esperanza, Bolivia

Dual degree master’s student
“No goal is too hard to reach if you are determined to work for it.”
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Mauricio, Spain

Country Manager, Alter Solutions Spain
“After you study the Master in Management, the way you see the world changes radically.”
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Surya, India

Executive, Susheela Group
“IE University helped expand my boundaries and encouraged me to think outside the box, bringing me one step closer to my goals.”
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Roy, US

Adjunct Professor, Strategy
“IE Business School seems to be highly talented at finding both academics and practitioners from around the world to deliver great learning experiences for its students.”
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Gonzalo, Spain

Partner, Debt Advisory & Restructuring, KPMG Spain
“Beyond learning about technical topics, the master’s is a life experience.”
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Marcos, Spain

Partner & Chief Growth Officer at LUDA Partners
“The program provided me with the tools to identify new opportunities when they showed up. It gave me a reference framework, a methodology to work and develop ideas.”
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Rodrigo, Peru

CEO of Tierra Viva Hotels
“IE Business School offers the options you need to specialize and take advantage of the courses that best match your interests.”
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Lukas, German, American

Tech Strategy Consultant
"Be proactive in shaping your future. Seek, accept, and trust advice from people around you."
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Erik, Norway

Owner and Managing Director, Stax Capital
“Given the hardworking and industrious nature of IE University students, a segment of them are bound to become successful entrepreneurs.”
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Omar, Egypt

Co-Founder at Khazna
“As well as academic knowledge, I gained a wide network of brilliant individuals around the world, and most importantly, lifelong friendships.”
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Angie, United States

Customer Success Manager, Calm
“I’m now more aware of different perspectives, more open-minded about feedback, and able to think a few steps ahead of what our global customers might be anticipating.”
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Ana María, Puerto Rico

Talent Management – International Organizations at NTT DATA
“Pay attention to soft skills, embrace creativity, and never stop learning. Learn to unlearn.”
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R. Aaron, USA

Global Director of Sales, TC Industries
“You’re never done learning, and the program helped reignite my passion for continuous learning and development of myself and my team.”
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Philippe, Canada

Postgraduate student
“You have to take pride, do things the right way and enjoy the process of working towards your goals, or you’ll never reach them.”
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Franziska, Germany

Associate Strategy Director
"The best thing about life at IE is the incredible people you meet. Each and everyone of them will challenge, inspire and help you grow - as a student, professional and as a person."
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Nishank, India

Current Position: Marketing & Communications Manager at NHSRCL
"IE is a once in a lifetime experience where you learn, make new friends for life and change your career path for good. IE gives you a chance to look at inner you and redefine your career objectives."
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Ali, Kenya

Managing Director, Maplestar Hotels Group
"The program has a well-curated curriculum and an innovative teaching methodology, which opened my eyes to new trends and opportunities in different parts of the world."
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Jill W. Paine, Spain

Associate Professor, International MBA, PhD, DBA and IE Brown Executive MBA programs.
"Students in the IE Brown Executive MBA not only have the opportunity to obtain knowledge, but also to incorporate this broadened understanding into daily leadership practice.”
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Cristina, Spain

Associate Professor, Human Resources and Organizational Behavior
"This program is very much focused on developing an awareness of the social complexities involved in every decision that executives make in their business."
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Alejandro, Ecuador

Managing Director, PedidosYa
"I believe IE Business School provides the best all-round experience for people wanting to get a program from a top-tier school."
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Garret, France

Global Learning Excellence Manager, L'Oréal
Adjunct Professor, IE Business School
“There are always ways to contribute, and you might have the very skills to make that change. Don’t be afraid to take risks. You can make valuable changes when you do.”
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Nathan, Switzerland

Media Adviser at the International Trade Center (United Nations), Geneva, Switzerland
"IE’s particularly diverse and inclusive environment enabled me to explore my potential while bringing me closer to my authentic self."
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Antonio, Austria

“The program was eye-opening and has changed my life for the better.”
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Minu, India

HR Trainer at Spoton Training Institute
“If you want something you have never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.”
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Lizbeth, Puerto Rico

HR Generalist
“Thanks to the master’s program, I am able to connect more with others and with myself, I would actually say that it has changed my life more personally than professionally.”
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Julia, United States

UX UI Designer - Accenture Interactive / Volunteer Product Manager - Develop for Good
"Never stop learning."
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Taylee, Australia

Head of Corporate Affairs, Europe (Cornerstone Group Australia) and Head of Australia and Asia-Pacific (CLASSNET SRL)
"Diversity pushes the limits of our intellectual flexibility; this is essential for managers wanting to succeed in today’s international business environment."
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María Fernanda, Honduras

Brand Manager at Domino’s
"Take action to reach your goals."
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Gianluca, Italy

Ph.D student in Accounting
“Through the Ph.D program I gained valuable knowledge and experience that I will bring with me for the rest of my career.”
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Angel, Spain

Professor of Operations & Supply Management at IE Brown Executive MBA
"The alliance between IE Business School and Brown University allows us to deliver unparalleled industry expertise and a truly global offering."
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Marco, Italy

Professor of Financial Accounting at IE Brown Executive MBA
"The IE Brown Executive MBA it’s one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional experience as an educator."
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Laura, Spain

PHD student in the Entrepreneurship department
"The IE PHD program provides me excellent tools to develop a fascinating academic career and make unique contributions in an international and challenging atmosphere."
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Imge, Turkey

PhD candidate in Management
“Getting rigorous training in research, working with and being mentored by world-renowned scholars at IE enable us to produce impactful research, and grow and flourish intellectually. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to be part of the PhD program and the academic community at IE.”
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Jeanne, France

PhD student in the Entrepreneurship department
“The PhD program of IE has completely changed the way I think and reflect on the issues I’m passionate about. It has equipped me with the tools and frameworks I need to properly develop my reflections and express my ideas in a way that is both rigorous and constructive for the academic community and the practitioners in my field of research.”
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Siyao, China

PhD student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
"The experience in IE has made me realize the importance of two things: passion and self-compassion."
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Shike, China

PhD student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
"I enjoy my life at IE Business School and it is an extraordinary place for me to learn and to pursue my academic career."
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Melis, Turkey

PhD student in Organizational Behaviour and Human Resources
"IE has allowed me to explore my interests; and develop a solid grounding on how to research."
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Prana, India

PhD candidate in the Operations department
"The PhD program at IE has been a fantastic opportunity to meet kind, smart and resilient individuals, some of whom have become close friends and mentors. I believe a doctoral degree in management should be concomitant with learning to manage the self."
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Zhaoyi, China

PhD student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
"The doctoral program at IE Business School is challenging and stimulating. I really appreciate the supportive and inclusive atmosphere at IE and the opportunity to advance my research skills."
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Ivana, Serbia

PhD student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources
"The cultural diversity of the IE community is truly impressive, and it provides all of us with wonderful opportunities to learn from others and their unique perspectives. This coupled with the passion and support of IE faculty and staff makes for an invaluable experience for each of us to carve out our own unique contributions as academics."
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Sumit, India

PhD candidate in Marketing
"The “P” of Ph.D. stands for perseverance – to continually strive for knowledge, never give-up, and take each day as a new beginning."
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Xiaozhou, China

PhD candidate in Marketing
"The PhD program at IE Business School not only provides me with a solid foundation for conducting behavioral research, it also gives me a new perspective to see the world around me."
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Quang Duc, Vietnam

PhD student in Marketing
"At IE, I learn to develop my thinking and implementation of research in ways I couldn’t have imagined before."
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Rajdeep, India

PhD student in Finance
"The IE PhD program has been instrumental in providing me different perspectives to understand the social issues the world is facing and the tools to tackle such matters both qualitatively and empirically. Understanding the different perspectives of these current and future social concerns has helped me to become a better individual and has increased my passion for meaningful and impactful research to tackle such issues."
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Antoaneta, Bulgaria

PhD candidate in Operations and Technology Management
"The PhD program has taught me to welcome and embrace challenges because the only way to grow as a person and as a professional is to outgrow our limits and fears and to never stop learning."
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Bengü, Turkey

Ph.D. candidate in the Operations Management department
“All models are wrong, but some are useful. The distinctive research culture of the Ph.D. program at IE has equipped me with the necessary skills to create useful models."
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Luigi, Brazil/Italy

PhD student in Operations Management
“Our challenge is not only to create knowledge through top-quality research but to bridge the gap between academia and practice, so we can help transform the world.”
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Reeju, India

PhD student specializing in Operations Management
"IE’s Ph.D. program equips you with the tools and techniques required to persist and grow in the world of academia. The diversity among students and faculty adds to the learning experience, and being in the IE campus - a place that’s always bustling with people - is just the cherry on the pie!"
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Chandrika, India

PhD student in Strategic Management
"At IE, we are driven by a sense of community which is a must in science and research as we strive to take our small steps with the possibility of a giant leap for humanity."
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Harsh, India

Ph.D. candidate in Strategy
"Harsh Dod is a trained researcher and statistician. He loves to take business challenges and generate interesting and innovative ideas."
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Sonali, India

Ph.D. student in the Strategy Department
“Ph.D. at IE makes you challenge thoughts and stretch possibilities!”
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Mary, US

Chief Operating Officer and Independent Board Director
“The program offered various networking opportunities, giving me the chance to connect not only to my cohort, but to professionals in other programs and across a wide-range of industries.”
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Yigit, Turkish

Turkey to Europe Export Account Representative at Amazon
“Somehow I can't believe that there are any heights that can't be scaled by a man who knows the secrets of making dreams come true. This special secret, it seems to me, can be summarized in four Cs. They are curiosity, confidence, courage, and constancy, and the greatest of all is confidence. When you believe in a thing, believe in it all the way, implicitly and unquestionable.”
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Audrey, American & Canadian

Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company (USA)
"After studying at IE, I emerged with a stronger set of technical and soft skills that have enabled me to thrive in my new professional journey.”
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Eleonora, Italian

Junior Consultant
"Take the best out of every experience."
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Adedoyin, Nigerian

Co-Founder, The Comms Avenue
"My experience at IE was completely eye-opening. I received well-rounded knowledge through the variety of courses we had to take in my program."
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Andrea, Ecuador

Apprentice Program Customer Excellence Academy, Bayer AG
"Define your goals and expectations early, stay humble, be brave, and jump to opportunities when you see them."
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Almudena, Spain

Portfolio Manager, Varianza
“I realized that it was necessary to take a step back into the world of education to step forward in my career. The prestige of the program and the professional expertise of the professors rendered IE Business School the ideal choice for me to gain the necessary “edge” to drive my career in the desired direction.”
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Pamela, Colombia & Spain

Equity Research Analyst, Credit Suisse
“I needed to offset my lack of specific experience in equity research and dive into the technicalities of finance that would ultimately set her apart. This brought me to IE.”
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Luke, United Kingdom

Regional Supply Chain Director, The Weir Group PLC
“The Global Executive MBA has been a really transformational phase of my career and has unleashed my thinking in ways that I wasn't expecting.”
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Salena, United States

Vice President Real Estate Credit Suisse
"I was ready for a rigorous academic challenge, and this was what I received from the finance program."
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Sercan, Turkey

Global Head of Channel Category Development & Strategy
“The online classes were really good and aligned with what I expected; but the online forums even went beyond my expectations! I think these forums are a great learning tool. I think every university should switch to this teaching method!”
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José, Argentina

CFO of a dual listed mining company
“The program helped me further expand my network to include new colleagues, who are now friends, from locations that I’ve never been to before. Our class was represented by people from almost every continent in the world.”
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Whitney, United States

Senior Program Manager of Community Engagement and Institutional Advancement Consultant
“The online periods are very engaging. Weekly synchronous classes are a great way to check in with your classmates live. The asynchronous forums and group work throughout the week make sure you’re not losing any momentum.”
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Carla, Spain

University Student
"To become a good lawyer in the twenty-first century, it’s no longer enough to know the laws."
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Michael, South Africa

Chief Executive Officer, Catalyst Fund Managers
“Leadership—and EQ for that matter—are tangible skills that can be worked on, much like technical skills, and leadership requires skills that can be developed.”
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Carlos, Spain

Safety and Compliance Manager, Iberojet Airlines
“This will not be a smooth ride—be ready for turbulence and occasional storms—but the trip is definitely worth it.”
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Carlos, Mexico

CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer) at ADOC SA de CV
“The Global Executive MBA is a rush of emotions, sensations and knowledge.”
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Preetika, India

Manager, Sports & Business Partnerships
“Professionally, the IE-SMU MBA helped to grow my career. New job opportunities emerged that weren’t there before, allowing me to explore something different.”
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Tomás, Portugal

Corporate Performance Senior Manager
“The main benefit I gained from the Global Online MBA was the ability to put theory into practice.”
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Mauricio, Brazil

General Manager & Global Key Account Manager
“Dedicate the time to actually enjoy learning, instead of just going to class. [...] In the end it will make you a better manager and person.”
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The community you want to be in!


Steffen, German

PhD student at IE Business School (September 2021 intake)
“The Global Online MBA is a program that suits your agenda and not vice versa!”
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Tamuna, Georgia

Head of Financial Planning and Analysis, TBC Bank Group PLC
“Get ready for the challenge! The Online MBA, as much as it offers much-needed flexibility, is an equally challenging journey. Believe me, it’s definitely worth it!”
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Cristian, Peruvian

Founder of
“Networking at IE University is impressive, not only because of the diversity of your colleagues, but also because of the Madrid lifestyle.”
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David, South Africa

Investment Banking Consultant at Investec
“IE Business School is well-renowned for a reason. The caliber of students and professors is really outstanding. This is definitely one of the most rewarding and life-changing decisions that I’ve made. I look forward to seeing what the future has in store for me now.”
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Savia, Germany

Commercial Manager at Tesco
"Embrace the challenge and welcome every opportunity to do something new with open arms."
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Karim, Lebanon

Senior Financial Consultant
"Focus on what really matters and create your own journey in the most diverse environment you will ever encounter."
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Sana, Pakistan

Data Developer at Global Business Services (GBS), IBM
"No work is big or small. Keep giving your all to what you do, and the rest will work out on its own."
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