Humans of IE

Mariña, Spain

Market Risk Manager, Nordea
“IE Business School changed my life, and not only because I met my fiancé while I was studying there.”
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João Pedro, Portugal

Master’s student
“The classes were fast-paced and challenging with an interesting blend of professors who kept us motivated both during classes and in our offline work.”
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Magdy, Italy

Business Consultant
“The Finance Program provided me with the tools and knowledge to move horizontally and vertically through organizations, regardless of the industry.”
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Marvin, Germany

Private Equity Associate at Trilantic Europe
“The Master in Finance equipped me with the required technical skills, but more importantly, taught me the importance of the strategic side of private equity.”
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Alexander, Luxembourg

Analyst at Goldman Sachs
“In the Master, I gained valuable skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and presentation skills, as well as a deeper understanding of how businesses and the economy work.”
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Simone, Switzerland

Account Associate at PIMCO Zurich
“The Master in Finance is very compact so you are able to graduate after a short amount of time. It's busy and you learn more than you could have imagined before starting the program.”
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Paula, United States

Head of Business Development and Strategic Partnerships at Symba
"The number one factor for me was the deep entrepreneurial focus that IE Business School offers."
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Kevin, Germany

Project Manager in digital-first projects at GSK
"During my time at IE Business School, I gained so much energy by learning to understand and consider my classmates’ points of view, and this became a big part of the learning experience for me."
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Georgine, Switzerland

Managing Director, Head B2B Technology Services at Sygnum Bank
"Looking back, I don’t think that I would have been able to manange all of the tasks from my first job to the same quality I did without my education from IE Business School."
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Aida, Bosnia / Germany

Founder, CEO and Board Advisor
"Studying the International MBA was one of the best gifts I have ever given to myself in regard to experience, people and learning."
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Alessandro, Peru

Executive Director at Menorca Inversiones
Our main goal is to make a social difference and take care of the environment through sustainable practices while supporting our own families, since it is a private business.
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Ahsan, Pakistan

Partner at AI.42, Equal.42 and Datatouch.42
Business is not about winning or losing, it’s about a lifestyle.
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Cynthia, United States

Senior Vice President, Brand Strategy Director at MullenLowe U.S.
"The school's reputation, the type of student it attracts, and the fact that those people would be my cohort, and the overall design of the program were what made me choose IE Business School."
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Irina, Canada

Founder and CEO of
"The global reach of this program amplifies every year—the opportunity to develop far-reaching, close networks is a core element of what makes the IE Brown Executive MBA stand out."
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Asif, USA

Partner, Board Member, and Surgeon at the Rothman Institute
"I was drawn to the IE Brown program for its hybrid nature of both in-residence and online teaching, the drawing of two great educational traditions of both IE and Brown and its emphasis on social and corporate responsibility."
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Alexander, Canada

Director of Strategy at Food Cycle Science
"The IE Global Online MBA reflects how global business is done today - it is done online across different countries, cultures, and time zones."
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Florence, United States & Great Britain

Director of Strategy & Product Development at Unum
“I was drawn to the IE Business School Global Online MBA for the opportunity to continue my career and advance my education at a well-reputed program that followed the case method.”
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Gianluca, Italy

Regional Director for Italy, Spain, & France at GoDaddy
"The Executive MBA is such a powerful experience that makes you feel like you’re living life at an accelerated speed."
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Martin, Paraguay

Associate at McKinsey & Company
"It is a leading business school in Europe with the program itself selected as the best online program in the world, and the blended methodology format allows for a very flexible schedule while also creating the possibility of having an extremely international cohort."
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Prashant, Norway / Ireland

Head of Sales at Facebook & Adjunct Professor at IE Business School
"I was drawn to the entrepreneurial focus of the school, the diversity of its students, its industry-leading professors, and the highly flexible format of the program."
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Joachim , Germany

Global Vice President, Head of Experience Center Strategy at SAP & Adjunct Professor at IE Business School
“I wanted a top-tier global business school with the best possible Blended program, and a program that builds on international exchange at its heart.”
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Felipe, Brazil

Vice President of the IE Out & Allies Club
"Throw yourself out there and go find out what really motivates you. And don’t be afraid of spreading yourself too thin: the more things you get involved in, the closer you will get to finding your true passion."
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Carissa, Canada

Vice President of the IE Out & Allies Club
"The international environment of IE was very appealing to me as well as the opportunity to pursue such a specific program that checked all the boxes for my professional and educational goals. I also love languages and having the opportunity to practice Spanish in Madrid was a bonus!"
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Tim, Germany

Officer of the IE Out & Allies Club
"From my first experience with IE, the IE weekend in fall 2019, I knew that IE would be the perfect fit—primarily because of so many inspiring talents who stood out through not only their different origins, but especially through their different, yet similar mindsets of striving for positive change in the world."
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Asif, Israel

President of the IE Out & Allies Club
"The IE Out and Allies represents all the marginalized groups within our community. Not only LGBT. We advocate for people with disabilities and for ethnic minorities as well. The IE Out and Allies club makes a change by creating new opportunities for its members and by creating a safe and conducive environment in which everyone can thrive."
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Sarah, United States

Markets, Economic Recovery and Growth Specialist
“Dive in! It’s a fun, exhausting, invigorating and challenging experience.”
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Andrew, United States

Partner at Fundie Ventures
“Iterate often, practice self love and take care of yourself both physically and mentally. Stay hungry, stay foolish.”
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Lauren, United States

Owner and CEO of Brontosaurus Records
“By empowering me with a wealth of knowledge, the program has given me a versatile skill set and powerful tools that help me navigate the music industry. I feel more confident.”
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Sohail, Switzerland

Senior Vice President, Head of Translational Medicine Galapagos GmbH
“The Executive MBA has made me more confident in assessing business opportunities, building a high-performing team, managing growth within different business structures and retaining top-talent.”
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Björgvin, Iceland

Corporate Finance Specialist at Iceland Securities ltd (Islensk Verdbref)
“The Global Executive MBA offers a unique opportunity to expand your network and form relationships with people who have extremely diverse personal and professional backgrounds.”
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Nadim, Lebanon-Canada

Founder of 2030 Cabinet
"Be sure to open your mind, because we need multidisciplinary approaches and skills to solve big challenges."
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Ciaran, Ireland

Program Manager at the International Civil Aviation Organization, a specialised UN Agency in Montreal
“I realized that the participants were as important as the program itself in making the Global Online MBA a life-changing experience. It was a fast-moving roller coaster, but it never failed to live up to those first impressions!”
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I´m feeling extremely lucky because it happened

Master in Finance

Ifeoma, Nigeria

Group Chief, Strategy and Execution Officer at Accelerex Holdings
"Having a diverse class enables you to get different perspectives to issues and opens your mind to how you look into matters."
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Adam , United States

Global Finance Director, OLX Group, Naspers Limited
“The program has fantastic company visits during residential weeks where you network with executives and IE alumni.”
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The insitution's constant changes and challenges allow me to continuously grow professionally

Associate Director for Community Engagement

Ellis, United States

President of the IE Out & Allies Club
"Be ready to fight and work hard. Changing your career will not be easy. You will really need to put yourself out there to connect with people and let them get to know you."
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Markus , Switzerland

Manager at EY / M&A Strategy & Operations
"You become part of two alumni associations, which provides a great opportunity to connect with people from around the world".
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Akos, Hungary

Finance Business Partner, Deloitte Luxembourg
“Thanks to the joint program, you will have access to the alumni and career services from two leading business schools, giving you countless opportunities to boost your career and expand your network through different programs, activities and initiatives.”
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Dorian, Swiss

University Student
"My art is a translation of how I see the world. To inspire others, you first need to inspire yourself."
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Truly a hothouse for cultivating new ideas

Entrepreneurship professor

Ricardo, Mexico

Outbound / Pathways Operations Manager at Amazon
"I have personally changed my perspective to one with an entrepreneurial mindset, which I never had before."
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Forming part of this diverse community allows you to learn from different points of view, making you a better professional and person

Director of the Dean's Office

Svea, Germany

University Alumni
"When I visited IE University for the first time, I got to know the university and its educational philosophy, which is so international and open to diversity."
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Sophie, Germany / France

Consultant at Spring Professional Switzerland (The Adecco Group)
"Never before have I had such a burning desire to chase my dreams and strive for more. This sense of ambition has been instilled in me by the Global Online MBA experience and the determination of the people in the program."
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I came, I learned, I (thought I) left but I came back for more!

Product Marketing Manager

Rasmus, Denmark

Consultant, Projective Group
“The Global Online MBA is the best of both worlds: fast-paced learning with some of the most talented academics and students I have ever met, while also being able to apply lessons learned in real time to the workplace.”
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Siddhartha, United Arab Emirates

Operations Excellence Manager at Averda
“My career interest has always been to work in industries that have direct impact on environment and are focused on sustainability.”
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The Business School's clear vision from day one placed a focus on what happens inside and outside the classroom

Chief of Campus Life

Carlos, Spain

Investment Director at Phi Industrial
“The IE Brown Executive MBA program offers a highly flexible, top-quality MBA education with a special focus on human sciences, all within a truly international and diverse environment.”
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Studying at IE Business School is an invitation to be a part of the world

Business Analyst

Virginia, Spain

Staff Assistant at EY
"When I chose to study Architecture, I never thought of becoming a Consultant, as I did not even know this type of position was a possibility for me."
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Put simply: the people are incredible!

Master in Finance

Antonio, Spain

Design Manager for Easy Wear at El Corte Inglés and professor at the Center for Higher Education in Design in Madrid
“Shortly after starting the Executive MBA, I accepted a position of greater responsibility at El Corte Inglés and thanks to the training I received, I was able to confront this change in the most positive way possible.”
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Marieke , Netherlands

Customer Success Manager at Share Dimension (Cinema Intelligence)
“After completing the Executive MBA, I had the confidence to make a big leap in my life— I started working in the film industry and now I'm changing both my career and my city. I'm one step closer to my dream of working in Hollywood!”
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Olimpia, Spain

University Student
"Sailing is not only the art of knowing how to adapt to the forces of nature, but also of knowing how to use them to your advantage."
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Chiara, Italy

Co-founder & Operations Director at GOMA (Globally Outsourced Marketing)
"The Global Online MBA was a transformational experience. Beyond learning about business and administration, Global Online MBA was a unique journey."
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Guzman, Uruguay

University Alumni
"The degree in Business Administration from IE University is a very practical degree that provides very useful tools for personal growth."
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Carlos, Spain

Analyst at Altamar Capital Partners
“Being part of IE has also allowed me to establish relationships with students from different countries that have given me new perspectives to develop on a personal and human level.”
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IE Business school is a whole new world that you're constantly discovering!

Engagement Manager - Talent & Careers

Flavio, Brazil

CFO at SPC Brasil
“Be prepared to work hard. The program requires a lot of endurance and resilience from you and from those around you.”
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Talent, talent and more talent!

Director of Admissions

Juan, Spain

Partner at KPMG
Thanks to my classmates, the EMBA has become one of the best experiences of my life.
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Echo, United States

Partner at Allen Austin
“Diversity was a main factor that attracted me to the Global Executive MBA. The experiences and learnings from classmates were as great or even greater than what I learned in our textbooks.”
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Vicente, Spain

VP of Strategic Consulting & Co-founder at Cabify
“Give your 100% on everything! Push yourself, the professors and your team for more, it's an extraordinary opportunity to learn and make the most out of it.”
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Thiago, Brazil - United States

International Business Development Executive at Mahou San Miguel
"Working in consumer goods is new to me and I am enjoying working with a broad range of stakeholders to achieve our growth objectives."
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The perfect place to be an intrapreneur

Senior Marketing Manager

Abha, India

“Kites rise highest against the wind, not with it.” This beautiful quote from Sir Winston Churchill has long been my life’s mantra.
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Julien, Switzerland

Junior Associate at McKinsey
"You need to prove that you can show initiative to find new opportunities and deliver on them."
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Luis, Spain

Commercial Director at L'Oreal
After completing the MBA I have developed indispensable skills that have truly enhanced my profile, increasing my value in my company and in the market.
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A burst of visions and creations!

Marketing Intern

Isabell, Germany

E-Commerce Entrepreneur and Co-Founder of DAERE
“The IE-SMU MBA pushed me to leave my comfort zone. It taught me so much about myself and my own boundaries, and I learned a lot about diversity as I met people from all walks of life.”
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Soraya, Lebanon

The most important aspect of the MIM program is the mix of academic education and strong social relationships.
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Empowering our future!

Managing Director Venture Lab

Alejandro, Venezuela

When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.
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