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We’re active. We’re out there. We’re future focused with forward momentum. We’re a single entity of jaw-dropping ideas, an exciting range of experiences.

Our people in all their diversity. Our people in all their exceptionality. Our people make us who we are, so we made a place for them. We are IE Business School.

Stories of Master in Finance (Part-time) (10)

Anna, Russia

Banking Analyst, Citi
“I think IE University is the best and safest environment to explore new things. And who knows? Maybe you will find something you’re really passionate about.”
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Anna, Canada

Graduate student
“As an analyst, one has to constantly learn, adapt and be curious about new trends, new business models to finance impactful companies.”
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Antonio, United States

Master’s student
“The Master in Finance program at IE Business School far exceeded my expectations.”
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Nicole, United States

Master’s student
“I love that there is a diverse student body and that each person brings their own perspective, knowledge and expertise.”
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Sasha, Lebanon

Master’s student
“What has enriched my experience the most has been working and studying alongside a very diverse body of students and professors from whom I have learned so much.”
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Surya, India

Executive, Susheela Group
“IE University helped expand my boundaries and encouraged me to think outside the box, bringing me one step closer to my goals.”
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Gonzalo, Spain

Partner, Debt Advisory & Restructuring, KPMG Spain
“Beyond learning about technical topics, the master’s is a life experience.”
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Philippe, Canada

Postgraduate student
“You have to take pride, do things the right way and enjoy the process of working towards your goals, or you’ll never reach them.”
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Almudena, Spain

Portfolio Manager, Varianza
“I realized that it was necessary to take a step back into the world of education to step forward in my career. The prestige of the program and the professional expertise of the professors rendered IE Business School the ideal choice for me to gain the necessary “edge” to drive my career in the desired direction.”
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Pamela, Colombia & Spain

Equity Research Analyst, Credit Suisse
“I needed to offset my lack of specific experience in equity research and dive into the technicalities of finance that would ultimately set her apart. This brought me to IE.”
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