"After studying at IE, I emerged with a stronger set of technical and soft skills that have enabled me to thrive in my new professional journey.”

Audrey, American & Canadian

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Audrey Ware

About me

Born in Canada and raised in the US, I have always been an intellectually and culturally curious person. My varied interests, which range from behavioral design and behavioral economics to language and culture, nutrition, and sustainability, led me to complete an undergraduate degree at the University of South Carolina (USA) with majors in International Business, Marketing, and French. During my time there, I spent over a year living in Quebec, France, and Chile. Following my graduation, I studied psychology, economics, and public health at the University of Oxford in the UK as a visiting student. I then attended IE where I received my master’s in Market Research & Consumer Behavior. Since then, I have been working for McKinsey & Company in the US. In my free time, I love to paint, read, travel, and spend time in nature.

Audrey Ware, American & Canadian


Business Analyst at McKinsey & Company (USA)

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” 

This quote makes me laugh and resonates with me. My life direction and goals have changed course too many times to count. Each successful endeavor or blow to the face has led me to where I am today. I have forged my own path, will continue to do so, and could not be happier. I would encourage others to strive for their goals while adapting to the constant changes that life hands us. Determination and resiliency are keys to success.

Define your experience in one word


In what ways do you think program has changed your life professionally and personally?

By the time I enrolled at IE, I had already received my full-time offer. So rather than change my professional life, it ‘boosted’ it. I honed specific skills relevant to my new job and built new ones with the help of professors who were often active in their fields. MRCB enabled me to develop harder, more technical skills like SPSS while improving softer skills such as oral presentations and interviewing. On the personal side, the program only served to reinforce my interest in language, culture, and human behavior.

What has been your favorite memory of your experience?

My favorite memories from IE often came from outside of the classroom, during which I spent time with my diverse friends while exploring the Spanish culture. If I were to choose a favorite academic memory, it would relate to the diversity of backgrounds. In courses like anthropology, I enjoyed learning how my international colleagues perceived similar situations. The conversations brought the importance of diversity to life.

Why did you choose to study this program at IE?

I wanted to delve into consumer psychology while building hands-on, practical skills; this program seemed to marry those two elements quite well. I was also drawn to IE’s technology orientation and sought to reach improve my Spanish language skills.

What were some of the main challenges that you encountered on your way? How did your Master program and IE help you through these challenges?

Throughout my time at IE, I was challenged to develop technical skills and work extensively in teams. In my courses, during which I learned how to use softwares like SPSS or code with Python, I learned to more effectively search for solutions. I also had the fortune of being taught by helpful professors who were always ready to point me in the right direction. When it came to group work, I had a new team for each trimester; each team brought a new set of cultures, a new set of challenges, and a new set of learnings about myself and ways of working. In the end, I emerged with stronger technical skills and a greater understanding of what is needed for a group to be successful.

What is networking like in the program?

While I studied at IE during the pandemic, I found that the IE community was incredibly welcoming when we were able to hold events. To simplify the networking experience with one word, it would simply be ‘friendly.’ At every event I attended, I met new smiling faces and left with new friends. It rarely felt like networking but rather an opportunity to understand the interests and backgrounds of an incredibly diverse group of people.