“The Global Executive MBA is a rush of emotions, sensations and knowledge.”

Carlos, Mexico

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Carlos García

About me

My name is Carlos Garcia. I’m 46 years old and originally from Mexico but currently reside in Colombia, where I work as Chief Merchandising Officer at ADOC SA de CV, one of the biggest footwear companies in Central America. I’m married and have two beautiful daughters. I love virtuality and that it affords us the ability to work from anywhere in the world. I firmly believe in the idea that everything in this life is possible.

Carlos García, Mexico


CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer) at ADOC SA de CV

Program studied

Global Executive MBA

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Describe your experience in the Global Executive MBA using one word.


What skills from the program will you bring to your current role as CMO (Chief Merchandising Officer)? 

The ability to understand and participate in my company’s financial world. I previously viewed it as an unknown, blurred and complicated place, but now see it as a powerful ally which allows me to achieve my personal and professional goals.

In what way has the Global Executive MBA helped you strengthen your problem-solving skills? 

The Global Executive MBA has literally shown me a world full of new, alternative ways of thinking and doing. This is in part due to the knowledge I’ve acquired during my time in the program, but, above all, from the interactions I’ve had with my classmates, who are so diverse and have such impressive professional profiles. Being in one place but experiencing so much diversity was very rewarding. The Global Executive MBA is a rush of emotions, sensations and knowledge.

Can you tell us about networking opportunities during the program? 

The networking opportunities are literally endless, since you’re able to connect with people from all over the world in many different industries. The only thing that’s lacking is enough time to spend connecting with all of these contacts!

Do you feel more confident since starting the program, and how has this manifested in your professional life? 

The Global Executive MBA has deeply strengthened my inner security and the way I interact, not only in the company I work for, but also in life in general. It has allowed me to understand what I’m truly capable of achieving.

What advice would you give to those just starting the Global Executive MBA at IE Business School? 

It must be a family endeavor. That is, the support of your loved ones is crucial, since you’ll invest a lot of your time in this.

What’s more, you must be very clear about your motives for studying the Global Executive MBA. This will serve as your guiding light throughout your time in the program.

Moreover, take advantage of every moment, because each one will be filled with novelty and knowledge.

Lastly, no matter what happens, keep going. Don’t stop.

What’s your favorite memory from the Global Executive MBA? 

The first face-to-face period. It was the first time we had all seen each other outside of virtual learning, yet we felt that we had known each other for a lifetime.

What did you learn about working as part of a team? 

I learned that we are all all cut from the same cloth, but we are not equal—diversity is everything.

Can you tell us the most valuable piece of advice you received in the program? 

I was advised to choose the topic/area of greatest interest and pursue it, since it’s impossible to cover everything with equal intensity.

Did you gain any unexpected insights or skills during the program? 

The ability to understand and navigate any situation in any industry.