“It’s very easy for me to summarize my experience in the Finance Program—it’s one I would do again!”

Dan, Romania

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Dan Iancu

About me

I’m from Romania and I’ve lived there for most of my life. I like to believe I am a down-to-earth person, but sometimes I catch myself dreaming about a future where mankind has conquered the universe and achieved all the things we dream about—including immorality. That being said, I’ve always been an avid reader of science fiction and history books.

Dan Iancu, Romania


Management Consultant

Program studied

Master in Finance

It’s never too late to learn something new

Dan’s decision to enroll in IE Business School’s Finance Program was based on a conversation he had with an IE University colleague after they graduated from the Global Online MBA. His undergraduate engineering degree from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest surprisingly led him to join an auditing firm where he became a chartered accountant. That was the moment he began to consider himself to be a finance person.

According to Dan, the forum discussions with professors and peers were key to his learning. He finds it difficult to learn from books or other materials and felt that the forums were a way to validate and test his new knowledge and understanding, while contributing and sharing his opinions. What’s more, listening to the varying perspectives of peers from different professional and international backgrounds was certainly a highlight for Dan.

When Dan entered the program, his finance background was made up of unstructured knowledge that focused far too much on financial reporting. The Finance Program helped him structure and broaden his understanding of the field, and put what he learned into practice.

“My time in the Finance Program proved that it’s never too late to learn something new. At 48 years old, I was able to enhance my knowledge and make lasting friendships.”

Arriving at the perfect moment in his professional life, the Finance Program gave Dan the opportunity to work on a few M&A projects soon after graduation. He was able to immediately apply his new skill set to the world of work, specifically his newly acquired expertise in Excel.

When asked if it’s necessary to have a background in finance before enrolling in the program, Dan comments that it would be ideal but it’s definitely not mandatory. Peers from his cohort entered without a finance background and have gone on to land jobs within the sector.

With nothing but great things to say about his time at IE Business School, Dan says he would definitely make the same decision to complete the Finance Program again. Enrolling at 48 years old, Dan proved to himself—and hopefully others—that it’s never too late to learn something new. He also graduated with lasting friendships and a strong professional network.

In regard to his future, Dan has both short- and long-term goals that he’s aiming for. In the short term, he would like to continue his career as a management consultant. His long-term goal is to raise his son and daughter to the best of his ability. Good luck in all your future endeavors, Dan!