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Eleonora, Italian

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Eleonora Manzo

About me

My name is Eleonora Manzo, I am a 24 years old Italian girl. I graduate from a classical high school, with a focus on humanistic studies. Later on, I attended a Bachelor, graduating in Economics and Management, with a specialization in Marketing. 
After the undergrads, I had the great opportunity to do an internship as a marketing consultant in an Italian international, independent, award-winning UX research and service design agency, Experientia srl. After this outstanding experience I moved to Madrid to begin an inceredible Journey at IE. After the graduation, I moved back to Italy and from July I started working at the Insights Centre of KPMG Italia.
I am a sporty girl, I love animals, travelling and capturing moments and landscapes through my camera and mobile.

Eleonora Manzo, Italian


Junior Consultant

Define your experience in one word


In what ways do you think program has changed your life professionally and personally?

The program helped me to be more self-confident while presenting in front of a huge audience. It has been extremely useful to improve several soft skills, such as storytelling and public speaking. Moreover, thanks to the outstanding professors, I have boosted my knowledge in many diversified fields.

During the program I have had the great chance to interact with people from all over the world, discovering new cultures and enriching myself thanks to their personal and professional experiences.

What has been your favorite memory of your experience?

The time spent with my peers. All the people I have met are a piece of my heart, we have shared unforgettable moments, both at IE and outside the University. I will never forget the incredible times spent with each of them.

Why did you choose to study this program at IE?

I chose to attend the double degree program at IE because I knew its reputation in terms of professors, professional contacts, network and its multicultural environment.

I was looking for a path that could enrich my educational background giving me a better sense of the marketing and communication world. This program was the best opportunity to combine and strengthen personal effort and teamwork. Furthermore, I was interested in taking part to a real consultancy project, and the MCMC program offered this chance as a thesis project.

What were some of the main challenges that you encountered on your way? How did your Master program and IE help you through these challenges?

One of the biggest challenges has been working with people who had opposite approaches. The key to find a balance in our teams has been a transparent and open communication. Indeed, it has helped to improve our teamwork skills achieve outstanding results, combining our strengths and helping each other with the weaknesses. The first support came from our coaching sessions, essential to understand the pillars of a “team” approach instead of an individual or “group” approach.

What is networking like in the program?

Networking has been fundamental. It offered me the opportunity to meet a lot of professionals, who have helped me find the right and best path aligned with my aspirations. Moreover, they have been inspiring while sharing their experiences!

During the years spent at IE I took part to many events organized by several clubs. This helped me to expand the network and learn a lot. I have been coordinator of the IE Human-Centered Design Club and IE Comms & Marketing Coordinator of the IE Design Thinking Club. I would strongly recommend to take part to the events and activities organized, because they are immersive experiences that help each of us to meet amazing human being and to develop new competencies, skills and knowledge!