“No goal is too hard to reach if you are determined to work for it.”

Esperanza, Bolivia

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Esperanza Harumi Nishizawa Criales

About me

Esperanza Harumi Nishizawa Criales describes herself as having “a vast curiosity about technology and behavior.” She graduated from IE University in 2019 with a Bachelor in Psychology, and is currently pursuing a Dual Degree Master in Management and Master in Market Research and Consumer Behavior. She has worked in a variety of fields, including market research, learning and development, and human rights, as well as having a successful acting career. Esperanza is proud of her Japanese and Bolivian roots, has lived in five different countries, and enjoys traveling and learning languages. She is an animal lover and a keen volunteer.

Esperanza Harumi Nishizawa Criales, Bolivia


Dual degree master’s student

If you could describe your experience of the Master in Management in one word, what would you choose and why?

Enriching—because it was a year in which I learned so much about a field that I barely knew about. 

Why did you choose IE Business School? 

I often say that I am an “IE lover.” I graduated from IE University with a Bachelor in Psychology in 2019, and after working for a while, I decided to come back to IE Business School. I chose the dual degree program because it was the perfect combination of business management and market research, which is what I wanted for my postgraduate degrees. The IE Community is truly international, and my undergraduate experience left me with many great memories, friendships and an amazing network. I wanted those things for my master’s degree as well.

What was your previous field of study, and why did you decide to pursue the Master in Management? 

I studied psychology at IE University, which was an unusual profile among the Master in Management students. I was always interested in the applications of psychology in the business world, and once I discovered the world of market research and consumer behavior, I realized that I also needed to understand how a business worked. The Master in Management has helped me to feel truly equipped to give meaningful guidance to companies, based on research. 

What advice would you give to anyone thinking of studying the Master in Management? 

I would recommend people to be as proactive as possible. The academic part is extremely valuable, but also I feel everyone should take advantage of the quality of professors, staff and classmates. In my experience, everyone is very willing to give a helping hand in case of need. Take the opportunity to ask questions, foster your curiosity through your network, and you will be surprised at how many doors will open for you!

What is something at IE Business School that you loved being a part of?

I had the chance to work for a student-led start-up, as well as the IE Coding Club, which automatically gives you a sense of connection with the community. Those made my experience at IE Business School memorable. I also loved the Digital Business track that I chose for my specialization. I have a big passion for technology, and these courses allowed me both to develop personally and to meet a lot of people with the same passion. 

What have been the greatest challenges you faced during your time in the Master in Management, and how did you overcome them? 

Coming from a background in psychology, there were many challenging moments during the program. While many of my classmates had had experience with subjects like finance and accounting, I was just starting to learn the basic concepts. I overcame those challenges with the support of my classmates and professors. Having a good support system is very powerful, and I was able to build that for myself. 

How did you find your first role after graduation? 

I am studying a dual degree, so I still have a couple of months before I graduate with both degrees. At the moment, I am spending my time studying, but also leading the IE Coding Club as the vice-president.

How did your experience during the Master in Management help you with this first job? 

This is not really my first job, but in my current role in the IE Coding Club, I am able to put into practice different skills that I learned during the Master in Management. I would highlight the project management skills, which have enabled me to lead the plans and strategies for the future of the organization, but I have also gained other skills such as public speaking, people management, and time management. These might sound less relevant from a pure management perspective, but I truly think they are what make the difference between normal and extraordinary. 

What would you like to say to potential candidates who might look up to you? 

I would say that no goal is too hard to reach if you are determined to work for it. In a competitive environment like the Master in Management, the odds were against me. I was terrified of the type of people that I was going to be interacting with, but I overcame my own preconceptions and prejudices and ended up having one of the most enriching experiences in my entire life. You should try it yourself!

What are your career goals? How has the Master in Management program prepared you for your future endeavors? 

I would love to have a role that involves working with data and getting insights to make better products, services and processes. The programs I am studying are not common in my country, and the Master in Management has given me a complete set of knowledge to go back and implement useful and necessary innovations.