“Be prepared to work hard. The program requires a lot of endurance and resilience from you and from those around you.”

Flavio, Brazil

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Flavio Borges

About me

Flavio Borges completed the Executive Master in Finance in October 2017 and is currently CFO at SPC Brasil.

Flavio Borges, Brazil


CFO at SPC Brasil

Program studied

Master in Finance

Define your experience in the Global MBA using one word


How do you think the Finance Program has changed your life on a personal and professional level?

This program has given me a much deeper understanding of all finance disciplines in a practical way, while also providing me with an incredible network of super-talented people from all around the world. I’ve gained a lot more self-confidence, both in terms of my technical knowledge and my ability to work in teams to deliver consistent work on tight deadlines.

This course is very time-consuming, especially for those who have families and demanding jobs. I think this took my endurance to a new level. The interaction with my classmates was very intense, so I ended up making good friends abroad and it’s really nice when we meet up.

What advice would you give to students about to begin the program?

Be prepared to work hard. The program requires a lot of endurance and resilience from you and from those around you – especially your closest family. Share the knowledge you have with your classmates and learn as much as you can from them. In my class, there were experts from almost all finance fields. This diversity meant exchanging knowledge with each other ended up being one of the most important things in the course.

What has been your favorite memory of the Finance Program so far?

My favorite memory is going out with my friends during the face-to-face periods. Creating bonds was very important in boosting the quality of our interactions and the work we produced. It also made the whole experience a lot more fun.

How would you describe the networking in the Finance Program?

The structure of the blended format means we really must work together to get things done. We would frequently interact virtually through the online campus, WhatsApp, Skype and phone calls. This was both very effective and similar to the way we communicate in the corporate world.

The face-to-face weeks help to tighten bonds, so we got to know each other very well. You end up working and making friends with people who become leading professionals in their regions and areas of expertise. The school also helps us reach our networking goals by organizing networking events with students and alumni from different programs or former Finance Program students, as well as with industry professionals.