"The degree in Business Administration from IE University is a very practical degree that provides very useful tools for personal growth."

Guzman, Uruguay

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Guzman Noya

About me

From a young age, I decided that I wanted to contribute to social projects and help the most disadvantaged. I have volunteered in Uruguay and have visited countries in South America teaching classes and workshops, and participating in fundraising campaigns. After completing one year of university in my country, I decided to move to Spain and start my university experience over again at IE University. I was looking for an enriching and practical experience. Since here, I have been elected class representative, I have been a member of the Debate Club and have been involved in various other initiatives.

Guzman Noya, Uruguay


University Alumni

Guzmán is a social entrepreneur who tells us about his experience as a volunteer in several projects. He has completed the degree in Business Administration characterized by its versatility and breadth of knowledge that can be applied in various areas, since good administration is needed in any type of organization, from an NGO to the government of a nation.

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