"The cultural diversity of the IE community is truly impressive, and it provides all of us with wonderful opportunities to learn from others and their unique perspectives. This coupled with the passion and support of IE faculty and staff makes for an invaluable experience for each of us to carve out our own unique contributions as academics."

Ivana, Serbia

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Ivana Radivojevic

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Ivana Radivojevic began her PhD studies in IE in 2019, and she is specialized in organizational behavior and human resources, with a background in psychology. She is Serbian, but she grew up in the USA and Spain, and her own migratory background spurred her passion to build understanding of the work trajectories of people all around the globe. She has extensive experience with conducting qualitative research, which she utilizes to study culturally diverse individuals’ experiences and perspectives in their work as well as leadership and interpersonal relationships. She also has an interest in conducting experimental studies to further unpack the microprocesses of individual behavior. She is continuously driven to learn about diverse people’s experiences and teach others, and she aims to foster greater opportunities and inclusion for people all around the world.

Ivana Radivojevic, Serbia


PhD student in Organizational Behavior and Human Resources

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